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about model selection - Protocol Analyzer

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How to log the data of specified period of time?
Which model has to be chosen?
Would like to monitor IrDA/CAN/LIN/FlexRay/LAN/USB.
Does the driver support latest Windows?
Can I monitor RS-232C?
Can I monitor RS-422/RS-485?
It says that LE-series can do arbitrary speed setting, but can monitor 100Kbps or 105Kbps?
Is there any protocol analyzer that can monitor RS-232C, RS-422 (1Mbps) and RS-485 (4Mbps)?
I want to perform long time continuous logging anyhow.
Is a dedicated cable necessary to monitor a PC and a device?
Do you have an analyzer for 3-wire clock communications between LSI?
Do you have a monitoring device for I2C bus?
Do you have a monitoring device for SPI bus?
Do you have an analyzer which can measure TTL, 500Kbps, ASYNC, half-duplex (not RS-232C but serial communications of TTL)?
I would like to simulate communication of I2C and SPI, is it possible?
And if it is possible, can I simulate master/slave clock?
Do you have an analyzer that supports the multi-processor communications?
Do you have an analyzer that have a function for internally creating clocks from TxD/RxD communication at HDLC (NRZI)?
I want to monitor HDLC communications by using LE-series, but the device being measured does not output the clocks. In this case, is the monitoring possible?
What is Bit Error RateTest (BERT)?
I want to capture the data monitored by the protocol analyzer into the PC.
Please advise me the difference between LE-series packages for Japan and for overseas.
Could you tell me the length of the attached monitor cable?
Can I monitor RS-232C and RS-422 at the same time?
Can I monitor HDLC and X.25?
Is it possible to display the communication data in hexadecimal?
Can I record the data automatically without any data loss?