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Once I set a baud rate of LE-7000, how certain the data speed have to be while using?
I want to capture monitored data into PC.
[LE-PC200] Does LE-PC200 work on Windows XP?
[LE-PC200] What are the conditions to monitor continuously with LE-PC200?
[LE-PC200] Can I use a trigger function of an analyzer while recording with LE-PC200.
[LE-PC200] What kind of PC do I need to use LE-PC200?
[LE-PC200] Where can I look at the data after converting texts by LE-PC200?
[LE-PC200] Why are there some lacks of data when I use LE-PC200?
[LE-PC200] I cannot use LE-PC200.
[LE-PC200] Can I use previous version (version before October, 2000) of LE-2100/LE-3100 with LE-PC200?
Do you have any options that can upgrade the previous versions of analyzers to latest versions?
I am monitoring half duplex communication by LE-7000. I cannot receive data because of some problems in RS-485 line-control. There is two types of non-communication state, 0 and 1.
I am doing RS-485 half duplex communication by LE-2100 and OP-2B. I am only able to transmit data.
I am doing RS-485 half duplex communication by LE-7000. However, I have some flaming errors.
Can I use an external memory card(MC-256S) for LE-2100 with PC? Also, can I use MC-512CF with LE-2100?
Can I transmit saved data in the memory card(MC-256S etc.) for LE-1100/LE-2100 into PC?