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not working - Analyzer

Narrow retrieval
Cannot find.
Is there a Self-diagnosis function to find the product malfunction?
If I cannot transmit nor receive data with LE-series, is this product broken?
I am monitoring Asynchronous data between ProductA and ProductB by LE-series. I can see the data from ProductA, but I cannot see the data from ProductB.
When I go to the setting page, the language become weird. I cannot understand what that says and also the product does not answer my commands at all. Is this product broken?
There is only few time tamps displayed on the LE-series. Do I have wrong set up?
When I set the stop bit2 in the LE-series, I receive the data that are set in the stop bit 1. Do I have wrong set up?
I connected an analyzer to the target device to analyze its communications troubles. However, the communication errors once occurred do not happen again. What made it disappeared?
Memory card (CF card) is not recognized on the analyzer.
LE-1100 does not keep data.
The analyzer which has not been used for about two years runs only short time.
[LE-650H2] Cannot press the start button of LE-650H2 software.
The start button becomes in grey color and cannot run.
[LE-580FX] LE-580FX cannot measure. Software of LE-580FX is open after connection LE-580FX into PC, but cannot start measuring. Software version (from Help menu) is "v0.0".
[OP-SB7GX][OP-SB7FX] Cannot monitor CAN communications using OP-SB7GX/OP-SB7FX.