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Wi-Fi function of LE-200PR can be disabled?
When using the PC software, "In the specified connection method, inputting in the serial number item is necessary. Please input a serial number into the item." message appears and cannot execute monitoring.
How to log the data of specified period of time?
Can I use the LE-150PS or LE-200PS in logger mode with the power supply by a portable battery charger?
I would like to know the file format of binary data and communication log file.
How does LE-200PS/150PS recognize the time when measuring it as Logger mode and using Auto RUN/STOP function?
I am trying to monitor the asynchronous communication between communication devices A and B by using LE-150P/LE-150L. I can monitor the transmission data from B, but cannot monitor the transmission data from A.
LE-150P/ LE-150L shows an error message, "The connection was cut because communication had become impossible". What kind of interruption does it suggest? How to prevent the occurrence of this error.