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LAN conversion model (SI-60/SI-65/SI-60F)

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What is the withstand load of the DIN attachment plate?
How long is the MTBF and designed lifetime of SI-65-E?
How much devices can be connected with the RS-422/485 side of SI-65/65A/65A-L/65FA/65FA-L?
(What is the equivalent IC to the IC used for the interface converter?)
Is it possible to control multiple RS-232C devices from a PC using SI-60?
I would like to extend RS-232C by using existing LAN. Is it possible by using two sets of SI-60?
Does SI-60/SI-65 have to be set as server mode or client mode?
Please advise me about the detailed settings of LAN port.
Why does GND have to be connected at the time of RS-422 and RS-485?
Any port number can be set for SI-60/SI-65/SI-60F ?
Is it possible to connect two PCs using 2 sets of SI-65 between them? Connection Image: [PC]-LAN-[SI65]-serial-[SI65]-LAN-[PC]
Is it possible to use SI-60/SI-65/SI-60F under the wireless LAN?
Even though the LAN cable is removed, the PC cannot process the errors and connect again.
What will happen if the LAN communications is blocked and then recovered later?
Is it possible to use SI-60/SI-65/SI-60F through the Internet?
[XPortInstaller] When selecting XPort searched by XprtInstaller, an error message "A value cannot be set to Null" is indicated and Status is Busy. I cannot perform the setting operation.
[XPortInstaller][DeviceInstaller] I searched the device by XPortInstaller or DeviceInstaller (an utility software for XPort settings), but I cannot find it on the network.
[WEB Manager] Is it possible to use WEB Manager on UDP?
[WEB Manager] Change the settings by the Web Manager and press "Apply Settings". However, it does not apply the new setting.