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USB conversion model (SI-35USB/SI-55USB)

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How long is the MTBF and designed lifetime of SI-35USB and SI-35USB-2?
What is the withstand load of the DIN attachment plate?
Does the RS-485 communication of SI-35USB support both of full-duplex (using four wires) and half-duplex (using two wires)?
How much distance of RS-485 communications is guaranteed by SI-35USB?
Are all of converted RS-422/RS-485 signals to be insulated?
Why is it required to connect the GND for RS-422/RS-485 communications?
What is the function of making the transmission driver to be high impedance for RS-485 communications?
Does the driver for SI-35USB/55USB support Windows 7?
What kind of RS-422/RS-485 cable is suitable?