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Remote monitoring via Ethernet (with a stand-alone type analyzer such as LE-8200A)

Nov, 2. 2017

As various devices are recently networked , there are many demand for remote monitoring of serial communication etc. You can easyly execute the remote monitoring by using stand-alone type analyzers of LINEEYE such as LE-8200A with PC link softwares such as LE-PC800G or LE-PC300R and a serial-network converter such as SI-60F.

The following is the setting example.

You can monitor multiple analyzers from a PC at the same time.


Details of the other items are as follows.



Basic settings are like these. For the other information such as saving direction of the measured data or the usage of software, please refer to the manual of PC link software.

The following is an example of simulation by LE-8200A controled from PC. We connected LE-8200A with LE-2500 and send/receive data and also monitored it.

The communication is 19.2Kbps, full duplex, RS-232C. And it sends/receives 1Kbyte data with intervals of 10ms idle time . The PC link software could monitor it without any problem.


Data display example


You can emulate the analyzer on PC and control it.


Please note that when the communciation speed of the analyzer side is high, the log data to be saved in the HDD can be lacked because the data trasfer can not meet the speed.

The following is an example of continuous send/receive of 1 Kbyte data without idle time in 230.4Kbps, full duplex RS-232C communication. 1 data lacking occurred while 10 minutes testing.



However, even though the communication speed is high, if the data is transmitted intermittently the data lacking may not occur. The following is an example of send/receive of 1 Kbyte data with 460ms intervals in 230.4Kbps, full duplex RS-232C communication. With this condition the data lacking did not occur.



The effective communication speed with which you can monitor the line by the PC link software via Ethernet without lacking data is max 40Kbps. For example, even though the communication speed is 1Mbps, if the 2Kbyte data is trasmitted for each i second, the effective speed will be about 20Kbps and the data lacking will not occur.


Other notes for the usage of PC link software:

*The power of analyzer need to be ON for remote monitoring. Do not turn off the power while connecting.
*The connection with the PC link software will be disconnected if the PC turn to be power saving mode. When you monitor it continuously, please set the power saving mode of PC to OFF.
*The PC link softwares does not support some expansion options. Please confirm at the product page of the each PC link software.