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EtherCAT monitoring by OP-SB89, OP-SB89G, and OP-SB89E

June, 27. 2018

For the protocol analyzer LE-8200A/LE-8200, there are three options for Ethernet measurement - OP-SB89, OP-SB89Gm and OP-SB89E. The specification of these models differ. Only the OP-SB89E supports EtherCAT, but what happens if OP-SB89 or OP-SB89G is used for EtherCAT measurement?



The firmware for OP-SB89/89G/89E are included in the attached CD of the model. Connect LE-8200A and a PC by USB cable (or AUX cable) and insatlled the firmware to the LE-8200A.


Connection with EtherCAT devices


[ Connection image ] (LE-8200A with OP-SB89E)

Note: When using OP-SB89/89G, they have only 2 measurement ports thus we used only A and B ports.


[ Measurement ] (LE-8200A with OP-SB89E)


Dump display


Translation display


Data display by WireShark

The measured data can be converted to WinPcap format (readable by Wire shark) by the data conversion software "lepcapcvt". There is no difference between the data captured by OP-SB89/89G/89E when the data are displayed on Wireshark.




This time, all the OP-SB89/89G/89E could monitor EtherCAT communciation. However, OP-SB89 and OP-SB89G are not dedicated for EtherCAT, not all the EtherCAT frames can be monitored/recorded. Note the following.