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Log file protection of LE-270GR for the sudden power failure

July, 27. 2018

LE-270GR has a patended function with which it protects log files in the SD card from a sudden power failure. To confirm this function, we are going to make sudden power failure while it works in logeer mode and see how the files in the SD card are.



CAN/LIN communication data logger "LE-270GR"
8GbyteSD card "SD-8GX"
AC adapter "6A-181WP09"
Protocol analyzer "LE-8200" and CAN/LIN measurement board "OP-SB87"
(We use the simulation function of the analyzer to generate a CAN data)


How to




We confirmed that the log data are protected and saved in the SD card.

The latest file (#0000005.DT in this wxample) does not reach 144KB (the same size of the other files) but we could read the file on the software.



Even though the power supply was down while logging, the logged data in the SD card were saved and protected. Also all the logged files including the file recorded while the power failure could be read on a PC. All the files were saved correctly and we have confirmed that the patented function is effective in the sudden power failure.



The PC software of LE-270GR, LE-LINK27R, has a useful function with which you can start the measurement soon after turning on the power.
By checking "Power-on Run" at Auto RUN/STOP menu, the analyzer starts measurement soon after turning on the power. There are 2 modes for it.

Safety start (After the capacitor charge): Starts measurement after about 40 second passed from turning on the power.
Quick start: Starts measurement soon after turning on the power.