June 28,2006

LE-PC300F Version up (v 1.06)

Thank you for using our products.
The program updatable to the latest version of PC link software LE-PC300F is available now. If you have been using ex-version, please update the version up. Also the old model LE-PC300-E can be updated to LE-PC300F by this program for free, so we hope you try it.

1. What’s new in version 1.06?

<Additional Function and Improvement>

<Bug Fixes>

Complete version history information

2. Models to need version up

3. How to update the latest version

Windows Installer 2.0 or newer versions have to be installed beforehand.
Please get Windows Installer 2.0 or newer versions from a support page on Microsoft web site when one of them has not been installed yet.

  1. Download (1344KB)
  2. Extract the file.
  3. Execute setup.exe.

The process of the model change from LE-PC300 to LE-PC300F is same as above.
But, if the trial version of LE-PC300F has been installed, please uninstall it first.

4. Contact

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