Jun. 21,2007

Guide on Updating Firmware for OP-SB7F (Version 1.06)

1. About Updated Information

  1. Revised the time display between cursors in the Logic Analyzer function.
    Corrected the counting number to be 1ms after it counts 999us.
    (It used to be 10ms instead of 1ms)
  2. Corrected the timing signal in the LCD display.

2. How to find the version information

The firmware version information appears on the bottom right of the screen when turning on your analyzers.

3. How to update latest firmware

Download - (484kB) For LE-2200-E Users (485kB) For LE-3200-E Users (485kB) For LE-7200-E Users

The update method is the following:

  1. Extract the file.
  2. Connect an analyzer to a PC using the included AUX cable.
  3. Power on the analyzer pressing the "SHIFT" and "LOAD" key.
  4. Open MS DOS command prompt.
  5. Execute the .FW file downloaded above following the procedure in le7firm.txt.

4. Contact

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