September. 10,2008

New Portable Protocol Analyzer "LE-8200" with color display, run by a battery

LINEEYE Co., LTD. release a new protocol analyzer "LE-8200" with color display, run by a battery. LE-8200 supports RS-232C/422/485 as standard, and I2C*1/SPI*2/IrDA*3/CAN*4/LIN*5/FlexRay*6 as options. (You need to have expansion kits).

  1. I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) is a multi-master serial computer bus invented by Philips.
  2. SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) is a synchrous serial data link standard named by Motorola that operates in full duplex mode.
  3. IrDA (Infrared Data Association) defines physical specifications communications protocol standards for short-range exchange of data over infrared light.
  4. CAN (Controller Area Network) is a broadcast shared serial bus for microcontroller used mainly in the automotive applications.
  5. LIN (Local Interconnect Network) is a computer networking bus-system used within current automotive network architectures.
  6. FlexRay is a new automotive network communications protocol under development by the FlexRay Consortium.

1. Background

Nowadays, not only communication products, but also other electronic devices are needed to have some kind of data communication. Thus, many kinds of protocols are developed to suit to each product and system. Portable multi-protocol analyzer, "LE-8200" is very useful to solve the communication troubles, because it is portable with color wide display and you can have long-hours measurement.

2. Outline

LE-8200 is almost same light weight compared to LE-7200, but has the better functions and color wide display. LE-8200 supports RS-232C/422/485, BSC, and HDLC, and has Monitor function, Simulation function and BERT function. With expansion kits(options), you can also measure SPI and FlexRay*1. You are able to set any speed up to 4Mbps(any four effective digits). LE-8200 captures memory up to 100Mbyte to measure high speed and huge data. With 16Gbyte CF card(option), you can monitor additional hours with timestamp and line information to solve the problems which only happens a few times. LE-8200 has voltage amplitude measurement function to analyze the electronic character, and has logic analyzer display for max. at 40M sampling per second. With OP-SB85(option), you can have analog wave display for max. at 40M sampling per second. LE-8200 is able to have 2 separate display because of its large display. English and Japanese guide will help you to set the configurations easily. Portable(1.1kg), 4 hours battery drive, carrying bag is suitable for maintenance people to bring this analyzer to the place where the problems happens.

*1 : under develpment

3. Appearance

4. Feature

  1. 5.7 inches, color TFT display makes you to set the configurations and analyze easily.
  2. Supports I2C, SPI, IrDA, CAN, LIN, FlexRay by changing the expansion kits.
  3. Transmits and receives any speed (50bps – 4Mbps) by setting any for effective digits.
  4. Has 100Mbyte capture memory to measure high-speed data for long hours.
  5. Continuously Records in the 16Gbyte CF card (option).
  6. Has two kinds of timestamps. One’s unit is date (day/hour/minute etc) and the others’s is how many seconds are passed from the begging of measurement (min. 1s).
  7. Has Logic Analyzer function (max. 40 sampling/s) and analog voltage measurement function.
  8. B5 size (240x190x48mm), 1.1kg, battery drive.
  9. RoHS certified.

5. Specification

Model LE-8200
Interface Standard RS-232C, RS-422/485(RS-530)
With option cable X.20/21, RS-449, V.35
With expansion kit TTL, I2C, SPI, BURST, IrDA, CAN, LIN, FlexRay*1
Protocol Standard ASYNC, BSC, SDLC, HDLC, X.25, PPP
With expansion kit I2C,SPI,IrDA(IrLAP),CAN, Device net, LIN, FlexRay*1
Capture memory 100Mbyte
Speed 50bps - 4Mbps
Monitor function Continuously records the logs without affecting the communication line,
and displays the data in the LCD.
Simulation function Has 6 modes (MANUAL, Program mode etc.)
BERT function Measures transmission quality of communication lines such as error rate,
conforming to ITU-T G.821Notification.
Display 5.7 inch, color, TFT
Ports / Memory card AUX(RS-232C), USB2.0, CF card(max. 16GB)
Dimensions 240×190×48mm, 1.1Kg
*1 : under develpment

6. Compare LE-8200 to LE-7200

Model LE-8200 LE-7200
Expansion interfaces TTL , I2C, SPI, BURST, IrDA,
CAN, LIN, FlexRay*1
Capture memory 100Mbyte 11.6Mbyte
Speed(high-speed HDLC mode) Max. 12Mbps Max. 10Mbps
Min. of Timestamp 1μs 10ms
Trigger Up to 8 pairs of trigger conditions
and actions
Up to 4 pairs of trigger conditions
and actions
Two separate display    
BERT 14 kinds of test pattern 11 kinds of test pattern
Analog voltage analysis Yes No
Display 5.7inch, TFT color LCD Monochrome LCD
CF card Max 16G byte Max 8G byte
Ports USB2.0, RS-232C RS-232C, centronics 14-pin
Dimension(W×D×H) 240×190×48mm 240×180×39mm
*1 : under develpment

7. Options

  model Note
Interface expansion kits TTL, I2C, SPI OP-SB85  
Current loop OP-SB85C  
FlexRay OP-SB88 under develpment
Firmware High-speed HDLC OP-FW12G  
CF cards 16Gbyte CF card CF-16GX Confirmed by LINEEYE
Cables X.21 monitor cable LE-25Y15 To test X.21(V.11)
RS-449 monitor cable LE-25Y37 To test RS-449(V.36)
V.35 monitor cable LE-25M34 To test V.35
DSUB25 pin terminal block LE-25TB To test RS-422/485
PC software PC link softwareh LE-PC800G  

8. Contact

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