Oct. 27,2008

Guide on Updating Firmware for LE-7200/LE-3200/LE-2200/LE-1200

1. Models to need version up

Analyzers of the former versions, moreover if the analyzer needs functions, improvements, and fixed contents added by the latest version.

2. Upgrade Information

3. How to update latest firmware

Please download the firmware file according to the model of the analyzer as follows.

Version 1.10

Download - (740kB) For LE-1200-E Users (745kB) For LE-2200-E Users (745kB) For LE-3200-E Users (745kB) For LE-3200-E Users

By using the firmware transfer program LE7FIRM.EXE recorded on CD-ROM attached to the analyzer, please forward the FW file which is created by extracting the downloaded file to your analyzer.
To learn more about how to forward FW file, please read LE7FIRM_E.TXT saved in the same folder of LE7FIRM.EXE well.
In addition, you can download latest firmware transfer program LE7FIRM.EXE at "Utility" of “Support” page.

4. Contact

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