May. 7, 2009

How to upgrade

  1. Download LE-580FX Window v1.4 Setup.exe and LE-580FX QoS v1.1.0 Setup.exe.

  2. Uninstall other version of LE-580FX Window, LE-580FX QoS, and WinPcap.
    Install LE-580FX Window v1.4 Setup.exe. At the same time, WinPcap er4.0.2 will be installed.

  3. Connect LE-580FX to a PC, and open the LE-580FX Window 1.4.

  4. Click [menu]-[Tools]-[FPGA Download] in the LE-580FX Window.
    Following dialog will be appeared. Input [ QJY778G8BD ] and click “OK”.

  5. Following dialog will be appeared. Click and open the firmware file.

    The firmware file “FPGA_Ver_1_7.pof” will be saved in the “C:/Program Files/LINEEYE/LE-580FX/LE-580FX Window/FPGA” if you choose the default.

  6. Click “Download” to start updating.
    (*Do not turn off the power or remove the USB cable while updating. It will damage the product.)

  7. If you find the following dialog, you have completed the update.
    Click “OK” and LE-580FX Window will be closed automatically. Remove the LE-580FX from the PC. After 15 seconds, connect LE-580FX to the PC again.

  8. Go to LE-580FX Window [menu]-[Help]-[About] and check the version information.

  9. Install LE-580FX QoS following the instruction if necessary.