May. 21, 2010

OP-FW12G Version Up(Version 2.00)

LINEEYE has released the latest firmware of “OP-FW12G” for LE-8200. “OP-FW12G” version 1.00 supports only HDLC communications measured by LE-8200. And now, version 2.00 supports HDLC and SPI communications measured by LE-8200 with TTL communications expansion kit.

[ Outline ]

  1. Support TTL signal level of HDLC/SPI communications by using the optional expansion kit “OP-SB85”/OP-SB85L
    Firmware OP-FW12G
    Version 2.00 or later
    Version 1.00
    RS-422/RS-485 HDLC Yes Yes

  2. Improve the capability of measuring SPI communications.
    Firmware OP-FW12G
    Version 2.00 or later
    Standard firmware
    SPI monitor speed Max. 20Mbps
    • Speed for continuous transmission data has no limit.
    • Supports non-communication frames end.
    Max. 2.15Mbps
    If continuous transmission data is less than 1K byte, max speed is 20Mbps.
    SPI simulation speed 115.2Kbps~12Mbps 50bps~4Mbps

  3. Improve the ways of accessing to the CF card file.

  4. Correct the miner bug of remote control procession.
[Complete version history]

[ Specification ]

Interface RS-422/485(RS-530),TTL,SPI
Protocol HDLC,SDLC,X.25,CC-LINK (NRZ/NRZI,AR clock*), SPI
*:Asynch clock is extracted from transmission/reception data
Max. Speed HDLC:12Mbps  SPI:20Mbps
Timestamp 9digit(0~134217727)  Resolution: 1mS / 100μS / 10μS / 1μS
SPI Frame SS falling edge,Idol time(Resolution: 0.1μS, max. 10ms)
Trigger It stops measuring by specifying transmission/reception data, HDLC error, and external signal detection.
Simulation Transmit data strings for one time or repeated time by key operation. (data tables: 16, total 16K byte)
Others Retrieval, file management, print, AUTO RUN/STOP at specific time, Auto Save etc.

[ How to update to the latest version ]

Please download the OP-FW12G update file.

Download (1353KB)

and read “OP-FW12G_readme.txt” which is included in the update file.

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