May. 12, 2011

LAN(PoE) Expansion Kit for LE-8200, “OP-SB89” Version up (v1.01)

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We have released the latest version (v1.01) of OP-SB89. If you have been using the ex-version, please update it. The new version allows you to display the LAN frames at real time and save them into a CF card automatically.

[ Introduction ]

  1. Add the repeat mode for continuous recording.
    “REPEAT” mode is for displaying measured data at real time and saving into the CF card automatically.
    <“Menu” of previous version>
      <“Menu”of new version>

    [ Modes ]
    Monitor Mode ONLINE REPEAT
    Measuring Stop measuring after saving data in the 100M byte Buffer memory. Use the two-divided Buffer memory alternately.
    Real time display No Yes
    Auto save No Record continuously into the CF card up to 16G byte.
    Capturing Capability High Not good as "ONLINE" mode because it adds the processes of dispaying and saving data.
    Use for Record all frames for high volume of data. Record continuously for small volume of data.

    < Repeat On-line mode >

    • Buffer memory is divided into BUF1 and BUF2 (50M byte for each).
    • Log data of LAN frames including time stamps is saved in the Buffer memory and displayed on the LCD at real time. However, it only displays the original frames and cannot translate. Also, it cannot pause displaying data.
    • Log data is saved in the BUF1 and when it becomes full, it starts saving in the BUF2. When BUF2 becomes full, it goes back to BUF1(50M byte) and deletes the oldest data in the BUF1. It will continue saving data until “STOP” key is pressed (or trigger signal was made).
    • When BUF1 becomes full and start saving in the BUF2, data in the BUF1 is saved into the CF card automatically. It is same when BUF2 becomes full and start saving in the BUF1. If the data saving process has not made properly, it cannot change the Buffer memory to BUF1/BUF2 and cannot save data.

  2. Correct the bug of auto stop on ONLINE mode.

  3. Change the MAC address specifications on PING function.
    MAC address of PortB is changed to the one displayed in Network configuration.
    MAC address of PortA is changed as the original one plus 1.
    In the previous versions, MAC addresses of PortA/B were the one displayed in Network configuration.

  4. Correct the bug of PING function.
    1. Wrong packets were sent when using DHCP.
    2. PING does not start when it dose not response the ARP request.
    3. PING stops when linking down.
    4. Checking the Echo response is not enough.

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[ How to update the latest fimware ]

Download the latest version from LINEEYE web page. Please refer to the instruction manual of LE-8200.

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