Dec. 4, 2013

Guide on Updating the Software for LE-580FX

If you have LE-580FX firmware v1.8

  1. Download "LE-580FX Window (8138KB)" and "LE-580FX QoS (3623KB)", then unzip it to appropriate folder.

  2. You do not need to update the firmware. Install "LE-580FX Window v1.5b003.exe" and "LE-580FX QoS v1.2b002.exe" following the instruction manual.

If you have LE-580FX firmware v1.5 or v1.7.

(If you have LE-580FX firmware v1.3 or v1.4, please Contact Us)


  1. Download "LE-580FX Window (8138KB)" and "LE-580FX QoS (3623KB)", then unzip it to appropriate folder.

  2. Uninstall the previous version of LE-580FX Window, LE-580FX QoS and WinPcap.

  3. Close other applications, such as security software.

  4. Run the unzipped "LE-580FX Window v1.6b001.exe" file.
    You will be asked to install "WinPcap v4.1.3" while installing LE-580FX Window. Please install WinPcap v4.1.3 along with LE-580FX Window.

  5. Execute LE-580FX Window using the attached 2way cable. (Do not connect any LAN cables to the LE-580FX.)

  6. Check the LE-580FX version from [Help] menu.

    If the installation is completed well, “Hardware FPGA v1.5 or v1.7 ” will be displayed.

    *"Hardware FPGA" stands for the firmware version.

    If the installation is not completed well, "Hardware FPGA v0.0" will be displayed.

    *If you find “Hardware FPGA v0.0”, the reason may be the unstable connection. Please close the LE-580FX Window and remove the LE-580FX from the PC. And, then open LE-580FX Window again.
    *Do not start updating the firmware if “Hardware FPGA v0.0” is still displayed.

  7. Click [menu]-[Tools]-[FPGA Download] in the LE-580FX Window.
    Following dialog will be appeared. Input [ QJY778G8BD ] and click “OK”.

  8. Following dialog will be appeared. Click and open the firmware file.

    (You will find “FPGA_v1.8b001.pof” in the “C:\Program Files\LINEEYE\LE-580FX\LE-580FX Window v1.6b001\FPGA” or "C:\Program Files (x86)\LINEEYE\LE-580FX\LE-580FX Window v1.6b001\FPGA" if you save as a default.)

  9. Click “Download” button to start updating the firmware.
    (*Do not turn off the power or remove the USB cable while updating. It will damage the product.)

  10. If you find the following dialog, you have completed the update.

    Click “OK” and LE-580FX Window will be closed automatically. Remove the LE-580FX from the PC. After 15 seconds, connect LE-580FX to the PC again.

  11. Go to LE-580FX Window [menu]-[Help]-[About] and check the version information.

  12. Install LE-580FX QoS following the instruction if necessary.