June. 1, 2017

Compact and light weight new protocol analyzer with Wi-Fi, “LE-200PR”

LINEEYE Co., Ltd is going to release the new PC-connectable protocol analyzer, "LE-200PR", a communication data logger which supports remote monitoring by Wi-Fi.



Dust proofing cap for USB connector and SD card slot

[ Background and Outline ]

LINEEYE developed and sells LE-200PS in response to an increasing demand of PC-connectable protocol analyzer for the use in the lab, and PC-less analyzer for the use in the on-site tests. However, in addition to that, recently a new demand for remote monitoring via Wi-Fi is also requested.

LINEEYE is going to release the new RS-232C/ RS-422/ RS-485 protocol analyzers, gLE-200PRh, which has Wi-Fi to support remote monitoring and can be used as data loggers to record data in the SD card for long hours. LE-200PS supports multi-protocols, such as ASYNC and HDLC. With a PC, by connecting via USB or Wi-Fi, the analyzer can be used as high performance protocol analyzer and has On-line monitoring function and Simulation function. Without PC, they can be used as data loggers and record data in the SD cards continuously. Measured data is recorded with time stamp and can be displayed or searched on PC and also can be converted to text file or CSV file. Power-On-Run function, Auto power-off function, Schedule measurement for specific time period by inner RTC make it possible to record data for long hours by itself. Furthermore, it has backup control for sudden power failure, which prevents it from the data loss caused by sudden power failure that happens while it accessing the SD card. The function is helpful for the use in the environment in which power supply is unstable. With the optional adapter it can be installed on a 35mm DIN rail, thus it is also useful for the use for maintenance service or installation into a test line.

[ Features ]

  1. 2 ways of use - Logger mode (without PC) and remote mode (with PC)
  2. Remote connection from PC via Wi-Fi (Note: this function is valid only in Japan, USA, and Canada.)
  3. It supports measurement of arbitrary communication speed (4 valid digits).
  4. Communication log can be saved for long time into a SD card inserted to the analyzer or into a HDD of connected PC.
  5. Back up control for sudden power to ensure the logging to a SD card.
  6. Automatic measurement by time indication using RTC (real time clock)
  7. Trigger function can control external signal output terminal and user defined LED.
  8. By the simulation function you can transmit registered character line by simple operation.
  9. The small body can be installed on a 35mm DIN rail.

LE-200PR product page

[ Specifications ]

Model LE-200PR
Interface Standard: RS-232C /RS-422 /RS-485   Optional: TTL(Model: “OP-5M”)
Measurement Connecter DSUB 25pin, Female connecter (M2.6) 
Baud Rate 50bps~1Mbps (arbitrary)
SYNC Clock ST1*1, ST2*1, RT(RXC),
AR(clock extracted from the edge of SD/RD)
Data Format NRZ, NRZI
Data Code ASCII, EBCDIC, JIS7, JIS8, Baudot, Transcode, IPARS, EBCD, EBCDIK, HEX
Bit transmission order, Polarity Order: LSB first/ MSB first (switchable), Polarity: Normal/ Invert (switchable)
Error Check Parity(ODD, EVEN, MARK, SPACE), Framing, Break, Abort, Short frame, BCC(LRC, CRC-6, CRC-12, CRC-16, CRC-ITU-T, FCS-16, FCS-32. BCC permeation mode
Memory PC:Max. 8G byte on the HDD, PC-less: capacity of the SD card (specify the file size at 128K /1M /2M /4M /8M byte (16M byte for logger mode))
Recording Type Ring Buffer (continuous) mode, Fixed Buffer (full stop) mode
Mode Remote mode(with PC), Data Logger mode (PC less)
Measurement start/stop Control from PC, Start/Stop switch, Auto-Power run, Specify date and time.
Idle Time OFF(no-record); Resolution: 100ms, 10ms, 1ms; Max. 999. 9s
Time Stamp OFF (no record); Date time stamp: “Day/Hr/Min”, “Hr/Min/Sec” or “Min/Sec/10ms”
Line Status Measurement Record signals (RS(RTS), CS(CTS), ER(DTR), DR(DSR), CD(DCD), CI(RI), EXIN) with transmission/reception data. Waveform display (RS-232C only)
Address Filter Record only frames of the specified address.
(HDLC/SDLC/X.25 only)
Protocol translation display on PC SDLC (modulo8/128),
ITU-T X. 25(modulo8/128), LAPD, PPP
Trigger Condition Communication error, data string up to 8 characters (don’t care and bit mask available), idle time more than the specified duration, matched timer/counter value, logic status of interface signal line, external signal.
Action Stop measurement (offset can be set), validate/invalidate trigger condition, control timer/counter, send specified data string, send external signal, turn on/ off the light of user defined LED
Retrieval function on PC Communication error, data string up to 8 characters (don’t care and bit mask available), idle time more than the specified duration, time stamp (don’t care available), trigger-matched data.
Simulation Transmit data registered in 16 data tables (16K byte) with one pressing a key.
DTE/DCE mode selectable. Pre-set the timing of line/data. Insert parity error.
Conversion Convert data into Text or CSV format and save.
LED 4 of two-color LED: Power/ Error, Test/Record, SD/RD, User defined U1/U2
Switch One: Run / STOP
External Trigger Input: 1, Output: 2. 2.54mm pin header connector
SD Card  2-16G byte*2
USB 2.0 Port Mini-B connector High speed supported
Wi-Fi interface*3 IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Power*4 Remote mode: USB bus power
Logger mode: External DC power (DC7-34V), AC adapter (6A-181WP09).
Power consumption: 1.8W (0.8W when Wi-Fi is OFF, Max.2.2W for about 10sec after turning on).
0.15W/DC24V when turning off.
Work time during Power failure  1sec
Ambient Temperature,Humidity In operation:-10-+55°C In storage: -20-+60°C, 5 - 85%RH (No condensation)
Dimension, mass 86(W)×130(D)×30(H) mm approx. 220g
Environment of PC OS: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10  PC: PC/AT compatible
Accessories PC software, Mini-USB cable, DSUB 25pin monitor cable, external signal I/O cable, 8G byte SDHC card*2
Name Model Description
16GB SDHC card SD-16GX 16GB SDHC card
8GB SDHC card SD-8GX 8GB SDHC card
DSUB 25pin monitor cable LE-25M1 DSUB 25pin
DSUB 9pin monitor cable LE-259M1 DSUB 9pin. For RS-232C interface.
TTL monitor probe pod OP-5M Probe pod unit to monitor TTL.
Terminal Block Adapter LE-5TB Convert RS-422/485 port into terminal block.
DIN Rail Mounting Plate LE-DIN13 To mount the analyzer on the 35mm DIN rail.
Power Plug Cable SIH-2PG DC power to the DC jack of the analyzer.
Wide Input AC adapter 6A-181WP09 DC9V, 2A
(input AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz)
*1:It is available only for measuring RS-232C.
*2:Only SDHC cards sold by LINEEYE are supported.
*3:Wi-Fi function is valid only in Japan, USA, and Canada.
*4:AC adapter is sold separately. In the Remote mode (with PC), it runs by the USB bus power. In the Logger mode (PC-less), you need to have the optional AC adapter (6A-181WP09) or use the optional Power Plug Cable (SIH-2PG) and external DC power.

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