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25th November, 2022

The highest model of protocol analyzer for high-speed serial communication has been launched.

LINEEYE Co., Ltd. has developed two models of multi-protocol analyzers "LE-8500X-RT/LE-8500XR-RT" that support RS-232C/RS-422/RS-485/TTL measurements and started its shipment in November 2022.


The LE-8500X-RT/LE-8500XR-RT are the highest models of multi-protocol analyzer for serial communication that supports RS-232C, RS-422/RS-485, and TTL measurements as standard. While inheriting the communication measurement functions of the previous LE-8200A series, the adoption of a 7-inch wide color LCD with a touch panel greatly improves data visibility and operability, making it even lighter than the LE-8200A and easier to carry.
Communication log data can be automatically saved to an external storage memory (USB memory, etc.) using the auto save function, and the recorded measurement log file can be imported to a PC remotely via LAN to analyze the data in detail.
In addition, as the time stamps that are time-corrected with high accuracy by GNSS signals can be added to the monitor data by using an optional GPS antenna, by checking the time stamps you can compare and analyze the data measured simultaneously at two points for a long period of time to investigate a communication failure.
Furthermore, by exchanging the standard measurement board with an optional GbitLAN communication expansion set, the analyzer has the functions equivalent to LE-8500X(R) that support the measurement of two lines of Ethernet communication data and PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply. It can be widely used for development tests and maintenance for various purposes such as FA control system communication, embedded system communication, network system, etc.

>> LE-8500X-RT/LE-8500XR-RT product information

[ LE-8500X-RT/LE-8500XR-RT measurement port ]

[ With the optional measurement board SB-GE2 ]


Supported Max. communication speed

The initial plan was to support 4 Mbps in normal mode and 20 Mbps in high-speed mode. However, as the high-speed mode performs all measurement processing in hardware, there are limitations such as the number of trigger points, the unavailability of the program simulation function and the BERT function. Therefore, we expanded the supportable communication speed to 12Mbps to support more high-speed communication.

Auto Configuration (Communication speed auto configuration)

The initial supportable speed by the auto-configuration function was up to 460.8kbps, which is equivalent to the conventional LE-8200A, but by optimizing the processing we have improved it up to 1.544Mbps.

(Firmware version 1.03 or later)

Supports LE file downloader

It supports the utility software "lefiledownload" which was not supported by the conventional LE-8200A. By the software, while automatically saving communication log data to an external storage memory (USB memory, etc.) with the auto save function, the recorded measurement log file can be imported to a PC in a remote location via LAN and you can analyze it without stopping measurement

(Firmware version 1.04 or later)

How to upgrade the firmware

Please update the firmware if you have the product shipped soon after the launch of this product. The latest firmware can be downloaded free of charge from the LINEEYE website.
For details on how to upgrade, refer to the analyzer instruction manual.