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OP-SB84 Version History

Version. 1.07 Jul 5, 2017
  • Supports 128Gbyte CF card.
  • File number limitation for th auto save function has extended up to 2048.
  • Moves to next/previous page by Page Up/Page Down keys in setting display.
Version. 1.06 Oct 23, 2014
  • Adds the function of measuring USB packets and VBUS voltage/current at the same time.
  • Adds VBUS value as the trigger condition.
  • Adds the function of turning off the power automatically.
  • Corrects the bug that saved file on the sub-directory cannot be loaded. (Only happens on Version 1.04 and 1.05)
  • Corrects the bug that buffer protection function cannot work while loading data files.
  • Correct some minor bugs on error massages.
[ detail ]
Version. 1.05 Apr 11, 2014
  • Correct the bug of display massage
Version. 1.04 Mar 18, 2014
  • Add an icon for CF card on the list of files.
  • Add a function of renaming on the list of files, excepting the extension part. (Shift+F3)
  • Change the company name from "LINEEYE co., ltd." to "LINEEYE CO., LTD" in the opening screen.
  • Change the display of accessing to the CF card on the top right of the screen.
  • Correct the bug that Page size is initialized after rebooting.
Version. 1.03 Mar 4, 2013
  • Improve operation for VBUS measurement
  • Add information of analyzer in the measured data.
  • Information of analyzer and date of measurement will be added in front of text conversion data or print-out data.
  • Add the remote-control processing to transfer the measured data to the PC.
  • Add "stop" setting (stop measuring when battery warning) in the "BT RUN lock" of system menu.
  • Improve the timing of accessing to the CF card.
  • Improve operation of time stamp.
  • Shorten the reply time of external trigger input (500us -->10us)
  • Reduce the width of LOW pulse of trigger output (1ms -->10us)
  • Correct the bug of not receiving the PRE packet.
  • Correct the bug of not detecting the CRC error on PING packet.
  • Correct some minor bugs on control guide message.
  • Correct the bug on print-out function.
Version. 1.02 Mar 12, 2012

[Improvement / Addition]

  • Add a Ring Buffer mode to record data continuously.
  • Add Auto Save function to save measured data into a CF card automatically.
  • The latest firmware targets all data in the packet of a retrieval function.
  • Add [previous]/[next] search keys in the Detailed Display.
  • Improve translation display.
  • Data packet data is able to displayed in ASCII and in HEX.
  • Add "Auto range on/off" in the VBUS measurement display (graph).
  • Add a display of "Auto" in a graph when Auto range is "on".
  • Add manual range keys in the F3(range up) and F4(range down)when Auto range is "off".
  • Change the order of displaying VBUS measurement from voltage to current.
  • Add a jump function which enables to jump to the pointed data in the Dump display.
  • Add "Stop" in the "BT RUN lock" in the system configuration.

[Bug Correction]

  • Correct a bug of offset in the trigger action (stop) when using a Buffer1 or Buffer2.
  • Correct a bug of invalid search address or endpoint in the Data Search function.
  • Correct a minor bug of print data function.
  • Correct a minor bug of search function when using display filter.

[ detail ]

Version 1.01 Dec 20, 2011
  • OP-SB84 released