PC link software
(For LE-8200A/8200)



The PC Link is software that provides an efficient measurement environment utilizing the high-resolution screen and high-capacity HDD of a PC. The analyzer can be remotely controlled by the PC so that measurement data will be displayed on the screen or continuously recorded on the HDD. The PC Link incorporates versatile features (e.g., a search function that finds target data exactly, a TEXT-CSV conversion function that is useful for the generation of reports, and Japanese-English display).

  • Controls multiple analyzers at the same time.
  • Easy-to-use key emulation
  • Remote monitor function which enables to continuously record communications log up to 256GB.
  • Displays on the PC screen in various ways.
  • Converts the stored data to a text or CSV format all together.
  • Changes the system language automatically (Japanese/English)
Note: This software does not support OP-SB84, OP-SB87, OP-SB87FD, OP-SB88, OP-SB89, OP-SB89G, and OP-SB89E.

Enables simultaneous control of multiple analyzers from a PC

The LE-PC800G supports serial connections through the COM port, USB connections, and LAN connections with the SI-60 (sold separately) used, and allows remote simultaneous measurement with a number of analyzers connected together. Furthermore, the LE-PC800G can display measured data saved on the memory cards or USB flash drive (LE-8200A only), and convert the data.

*1 The PC Link software is not provided with a USB cable. Prepare a USB cable if you intend to use USB connection.
The LE2-8V AUX cable provided to the analyzer is available in the case of serial connection.
*2 LE-8200A/LE-8200 can save data in the CF card.
An interface to read the CF card is required on the PC side.
*3 LE-8200A can save data in the USB flash drive.

*1: SI-60 is a LAN-serial converter supported by LE-PC300G. Target analyzer is identified by specifying IP address of SI-60 on the remote setting window of LE-PC800G.
*2: Optional AUX cable for DSUB 25-pin (LE2-8C). Set the DTE/DCE switch of SI-60 to DTE.

Key emulation

The key emulation function reproduces the display and operation of analyzers on your PC. It allows you to perform remote control as if you operated your analyzer from a PC.

Remote monitor

The remote monitor function captures the log data from operating analyzer and records it on its hard disk or SSD, and at the same time it displays the data on the PC's screen. Depending on the purpose of use and the capacity of the storage, you can specify the size of each log file by "Block size" and the maximum number of log files by "Maximum block count". When you want to stop the logging automatically at the specified capacity you can use fixed buffer mode, and when you want to log the data continuously keeping its latest log data you can use the ring buffer mode.

Synchronizes the configuration with the analyzer

The configuration and the analyzer setting set on the PC software can be synchronized with that of the analyzer in remotely connected.

Communication setting

Record setting

Simulation setting

Displays on the PC screen in various ways

This function allows you to switch the display mode: raw data display, protocol translation display, and logic analyzer waveform display.

Raw data display

HDLC translation display mode

Logic anlayzer display mode

BERT mode

CSV conversion example of BERT

Converts the stored data to a text or CSV format all together

This function allows you to convert into a text or CSV format the data stored by the remote monitor function or stored in a memory card by an analyzer all together.

Converts data stored on a memory card to the text/CSV format.

Text conversion setting

Changes the system language automatically (Japanese/English)

The system language alternates automatically between English and Japanese according to that of OS. This facilitates introduction of the software to development bases outside Japan.