PC link software for CAN(FD)/CXPI


Specifications of LE-PC87FD
Applicable Analyzer LE-8200A/LE-8200 with optional expansion kit OP-SB87FD
Connection port USB(High-speed), Serial (RS-232C), LAN (LAN-serial converter SI-60F etc. is required)
No. of coonnectable analyzer It can connecting to one analyzer and remotely control it.
Key Emulation On a PC you can remotely operate the analzyer as if you control it directly. Saving the bitmap format of the display screen is available.
Measurement Condition Ssetting Analyzer measurement conditions can be set using the key emulation function.
Note: There is no special setting window for setting measurement conditions.
Remote Monitor Function*1 Start/stop the measurement. Display and record the measured data on the PC.
Recording capacity: Max 2048 files in 1/2/4/8/16/32/64/128Mbyte file unit
Data Display*2 Time stamp (difference of time stamp), CAN(FD)/CXPI frame display (ID, TYPE, DLC, DATA, CRC, Error status), External signal level, Trigger point
Watch Data Display Display the specific ID frame (max.16 kinds) at real time.
Logic Analyzer Waveform Display Enlarge and reduce waveform display, measure time between cursors, rearrange signals
J1939 Display Translated display of some parameters defined in SAE J1939-71 (Rev.2003-12)
Search Display or count the matched data
Conditions Trigger matching point, Various errors, Specified ID (don't care can be set), Character string (up to 8 characters, don't care and bit mask can be set), CAN remote frame, Specified time stamp (range can be specified), External signal logic
Text Conversion Convert measured file into text or CSV format.
Memory Card It can measure log file saved in the storage device (CF card/USB flash memory) by the analyzer.
Environment Windows® 8.1/10
Composition CD(Software), Instruction manual, Warranty
*1: Depending on the communication status between the PC and analyzer, the measurement data may be missed on the remote monitor.
*2: Cannot display at real time.