TTL monitor prove pod
(for LE-200PR/LE-150PR)



A connection probe for monitoring TTL-level communication lines. The input level supports serial communication of IC signal level at 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V when monitoring. Furthermore, it is possible to eject voltage for external pull-up. It is the most suitable to evaluate serial communications etc. between LSI on the print board by directly connecting with the test clip.

Applicable analyzers: LE-200PR / LE-150PR / LE-200PS / LE-150PS / LE-150P / LE-150L

Signal level can be switched by the DIP switch

You can easily switch the signal level according to the measurement target.

No. Function OFF ON
1 Polarity Normal Invert
2 Signal level - 5V level
3 - 3.3V level
4 - 2.5V level

When all the 2 to 4 are OFF, it will be 2.5V level.

An easy-to-use IC clip (mini grabber) is attached

We adapt a high-class mini grabber that can be firmly connected.

TTL monitor prove pod OP-5M
Applicable Analyzers LE-200PR / LE-150PR / LE-200PS / LE-150PS / LE-150P / LE-150L
Input Level Threshold Value Signal Level High Low
5.0V Min. 3.5V Max. 1.5V
3.3V Min. 2.2V Max. 0.9V
2.5V Min. 1.7V Max. 0.7V
Signal level is adjustable by DIP switch.
Input Hysteresis Voltage Min. 0.3V to Max. 1.2V
Input Impedance 100KΩ(0V≦,Vin≦,+5V)
10KΩ(Vin<0V, +5V<Vin)
Input Capacity Less than 10pF
Maximum of Input Voltage ±25V
Output Pull-up Voltage for Testing Possible to output test voltage corresponding to DIP switches of No.2-No.4 through resistance of 1.5KΩ. (Possible to use for pull-up of target signal of testing at open collector output.)
Dip Switch Signal polarity and input level are selectable.
No. Switch Meaning
1 Signal Polarity
2 5.0V signal level
3 3.3V signal level
4 2.5V signal level
Power Supplied from the analyzer
Weight&Size of Pod 78(W) x 92(D) x22(H), 240g
Prove Unit Length of Probe lead: 170mm
Test Clip: 10 Croc clip: 1
Length of Probe Cable 300mm