Firmware for High-speed HDLC/SPI
(For LE-3500XR) NEW


Specifications of OP-FW10XR
Applicable Analyzer LE-3500XR
Interface RS-422/RS-485, TTL*1, SPI*1
Protocol HDLC, SDLC, X.25, CC-Link (NRZ/NRZI format, AR clock), SPI
Communication speed Half duplex 115.2kbps to 10Mbps
Full duplex 115.2kbps to 5Mbps
SPI 115.2kbps to 10Mbps*2
Setting step Arbitrary: four significant digits
Error check function FCS error (CRC-ITU-T: X16+X12+X5+1), Abort, Short frame
Online monitor function Time stamp You can switch between the difference time display from the previous frame and the elapsed measurement time display.
1ms, 100 μs, 10 μs, 1 μs units (Max 134217727)
Pass filter (HDLC) 2 characters soon after a flag can be set (Don’t care and bit mask is available)
Half duplex mode Filter matching frames and non-matching frames are assigned to TXD and RXD
Simulation function Send data table 16k data (can be divided into 10 groups x 16 types and registered)
MANUAL mdoe It transmits the registered data which corresponds with the key.
Repeat transmission and repeat interval are available.
Slave mode and master mode are available for SPI.
Trigger function It can automatically stops monitoring (number of offsets until the stop can be set) as a trigger action for the following conditions - Detection of single or sequencial match of two specified character strings (max 8 characters, don’t care and bit mask are available) at TXD side or RXD side, detection of a communication error, or the signal change of the external trigger input.
Trigger output It outputs a pulse to TRG OT1 pin when trigger factor matches (L level of about 2µs)
Record control Auto Save function, Auto Run function, Auto Backup function
Data search function Search of trigger data, error data, and character line, idle time*3, and time stamp are available.
Accessories Firmware CD-ROM, Manual
*1: Standard TTL measurement port of the analyzer. OP-SB5GL is also available.
*2: Up to 20 Mbps (clock duty 40 to 60%) when monitoring short frames of 2 Kbytes or less. Up to 6 Mbps during SPI slave simulation
*3: Only available when reading the communication log file measured with standard firmware