USB expansion kit
(For LE-8200A/8200)


Specifications of OP-SB84
Applicable Analyzer LE-8200A/LE-8200
Interface USB 1.1/2.0 A/B receptacle 1 each
Applied speed HIGH (480Mbps) / FULL (12Mbps) / LOW (1.5Mbps)Automatic detection, Automatic switching
Memory capacity Capture memory of Analyzer is 100MB
Record type Ring buffer or Fixed size buffer
Auto save function On ONLINE Monitor Function automatically saves the monitored USB data as communications log file in the external memory.*1
USB log display USB Packet : SOF, IN, OUT, SETUP, DATA0, DATA1, ACK, NAK, STALL, PRE, DATA2, PING, MDATA, SPLIT, ERR, NYET, and [Unknown]
Bus event : Reset, Suspend, Device disconnect, Device chirp, Hub chirp, OTG Vbus event
Translation : Standard device request, Standard device descriptor.
Measure VBUS voltage/current simultaneously.
Timestamp Resolution 16.7nsec. for Max. 20 hours Elapsed time and Time between two packets are selectable.
Log filter function Record or not record SOF, IN transactions without IN-DATA, PING transactions, OTG Vbus event, Specific address, and Specific endpoint.
Display filter function Display or hide SOF, Transaction of IN-NAK, SETUP, PING, specific address and specific end point.
Trigger function Able to set 8 trigger conditions(Trigger 0 to 7).
Triggers are proceeded in a sequence from Trigger 0.
Trigger condition Errors(CRC and PID errors), Particular address/end points, Packet types(TOKEN and HAND SHAKE packets in combination), Data packets (max 8 bytes from the head of DATA packet's payload), Bus events, VBUS voltage/current, logical state of 4 external signal.
Trigger action Outputs a pulse signal from an external terminal after satisfaction of trigger condition.Stop measurement after satisfaction of the last trigger, repetation of the last trigger condition, continuously logging.
Retrieval function Retrieves the specified frame or events to display and displays the top of data or counts the number of data.
VBUS measurement function Vbus measurement(Dump or Graph(Current,Voltage, Power))
Voltage : 0.00V to +8.00V (Accuracy : ±1% FS)
Current : -2000mA to +2000mA*3 (Accuracy : ±2% FS)
Change and Printout of Data USB data can be converted to text files, printed out and saved to external memory.*4
Vbus measured data can be converted to text files and csv files.
External input or output pins 4 TTL level inputs and 4 TTL level outputs
Linked with trigger function
Accessories Interface expansion board, Line state sheet D, USB cable, Utility CD
*1: Able to record up to the capacity of external memory (CF card, USB flash drive). However, it is possible that there is some capturing loss for a large load data, because saving to the external memory cannot be proceeded at the same time.
*2: Translation of various class specific descriptors and device requests will be supported in the future version's up.
*3: About Current, "+" means the current direction from A connector ("HOST") to B connector ("DEVICE") , and "-" means the opposite.
*4: It consumes much time to convert a large USB data into a text file on LE-8200A/LE-8200. In this case, it is recommended to use leucvt_win which is much faster than LE-8200A/LE-8200.