CAN/LIN Expansion Kit
(For LE-8200A/8200)


Specifications of OP-SB87
Applicable Analyzer LE-8200A/LE-8200
Measurement Interface CAN: Conforming to ISO11898/ISO11519-2 standards*1 (DSUB 9-pin female connector x 2)
LIN: Conforming to ISO9141 (header 3-pin connector x 2)
Transceiver CAN: TJA1050/1054 or equivalent
LIN: TJA1021 or equivalent
No. of measurement channels 2 channels of CAN/LIN, or 1 CAN and 1 LIN.
Expansion protocol CAN, DeviceNet*2, LIN (Rev1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.1)
Baud Rate (bps) CAN: 20kbps to 1Mbps
LIN: 1600bps to 26kbps
Monitor function CAN: Standard/Expansion format, bit timing arbitrary settings
LIN: Frames can be divided by non-communication time or data length specified for each ID. Arbitrary baud rate setting is possible
ID Filter Only acceptance ID (bitmask can be specified) can be recorded for each channel.
You can specify 8 path IDs and 8 cut IDs, and filter by AND condition with acceptance ID.*3
Time stamp 9-digit display. Real-time/difference-time display.
Resolution: hour/minute/second, minute/second/1ms, 100µs, 10µs, 1µs can be specified.
Trigger function OR operation and sequence operation are available by specifying up to 8 conditions and actions.
Trigger Condition Error (Break, Sync, Parity, Framing, Checksum) *4, specific data frame (Channel, ID, data, data bitmask), specific remote frame(channel, ID), timer coincidence, counter coincidence, external signal logic, external signal input
Trigger Action Measurement stop, saving in a memory card, timer control, counter control, specification CAN data transmission, buzzer, enable/disable trigger condition, external trigger output
Simulation function Transmit pre-registered test frames (CAN: max. 272 kinds, LIN: max. 16 kinds) by key operation.
It can automatically increase/decrease (sweep)*5 the data of the specified position in the data field.
CAN test Multiple frames selected by key operation can be transmitted at each specified cycle (number of transmissions can also be specified)
LIN test Master mode: transmit test frame in the specific order.
Slave mode: transmit when ID frame is matched. (response time is selectable)
Communication error test: Parity error presence, BREAK field length (13 bits when not specified), SYNC field value (55h when not specified) can be specified
External signal input Real-time display of external signal status of 4 channels by the LED
Signal logic and voltage value can be recorded in conjunction with data
Signal voltage value can be continuously measured at a specified cycle (measurement range: ±15V, measurement accuracy: ±1%FS)
Composition Dedicated expansion board, line state indication sheet B, DB9 monitor cable x 2, 3-wire probe cable x 2, 8-wire probe cable
*1: It is selectable by changing the internal relay or analyzer setting.
*2: Only raw data can be displayed.
*3: Available only for CAN.
*4: These items are valid only for LIN except checksum error.
*5: Endian, initial value, three-step target value, and the time to target can be specified.