Ethernet LAN expansion kit
(supports PoE mesurement)
(For LE-8200A/8200)


Specifications of OP-SB89
Applicable Analyzer LE-8200A/LE-8200
Interface Port A,B: 10Base-T/ 100Base-TX (IEEE802.3), PoE (IEEE 802.3af) Measurement
Port C:Cable Test Port, Dummy PD port to detect the PSE
Monitor Function Measure/record the LAN frames by TAP connection of A/B ports.*1
Frame size: 60-2047byte,
Time stamp (13 digit, resolution: 1ms, 100μs, 10μs, 1μs,) ,
It is possible to have the auto stop for full memory (ONLINE mode), and continuous recording (REPEAT mode)*2, External signal trigger,
Conversion software for Ethereal / Wireshark (.pcap format) .*3
Recording Frame Max. 48,000-1,388,000 frames (equivalent 100M byte)*4
Display Frame/Translation/Dump (in HEX) Display
Translatable protocol:IPv4, ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, DHCP
Filter Function Monitor only specified frames.
Layer 2:type number, MAC address
IPv4:protocol number, IP address, Subnet Mask
Auto save Auto save function can save log data into the external memory automatically (REPEAT moe only).
Retrieval Function Retrieve the specified frame and display/count
Layer 2:type number, MAC address
IPv4:protocol number, port number, IP address, Sub-net Mask
Statistic Function Calculate 2 kinds of frame counters at the same time with specified interval (1-240 minute) , and display in graph.
Display all frame counters at real-time,
Frame counter: total received frames, normal frames, Broadcast, Multicast, pause, error frames (CRC, Aliment, Fragment), numbers of frames of each byte length (0-63, 64, 65-127, 128-255, 256-511, 512-1023, 1024-1518, 1519-),
Max. calculation number: 4,294,967,295 (each)
PoE Measurement
Measure/record the power consumption/Voltage/Current/Power(Alternative A/B, power supply port, polarity), OK/NG statement with specified interval (1ms-1s, 10 kinds)
Max recording time : 4 million, Voltage: 0-60V (±1% F.S.), Current: 0-380mA (±2% F.S.), Normal/Dump/Graph Display, Able to print the reports, Able to saving as CSV file
PSE Detection Detect the PSE connection to the Port C (Dummy PD port of class 1) and light the LED.
Cable Test Function Measure the cable length (3-120m) /short circuit/split pair detection*5
Method of calculation of length: TDR, Margin of error: ±1m (less than 3-20m) /±5% (more than 20m)*6,
Cable Calibration and set the parameters.
PING Function Transmit the PING commands for about 30,000 times to the PortA/B*7, and display how many time/how long it replies.
Able to specify the interval of transmitting commands (10ms, 50ms, 100ms, 500ms, 1s), time out (10ms, 50ms, 100ms, 500ms, 1s, 5s, 10s), payload length (0-900)
Port Blink Function Repeat linking/cutting link on Port A/B*7 for 1s interval. The LED for the connected HUB will be blinking and easily find the target port.
Accessories Interface expansion board, line state sheet C, LAN cable, Utility CD
*1 Port A/B has the fail-safe TAP and will not affect the communications between the target devices even when power shortage of analyzer.
*2 REPEAT mode uses the two-divided Buffer memory alternately to record data continuously. It can display measured data at real-time and save data into the external memory automatically (auto save). Capturing capability is not good as the "ONLINE" mode because "REPEAT" mode adds the processes of displaying data and saving data. "REPEAT" mode is available form Ver1.01.
*3 Conversion software for “pcap” format can be used in the Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7. External memory and PC with memory interface are necessary to transmit/receive the measured data.
*4 12byte of additional information will be added for each frame.
*5 Cannot display the cable map because of open measurement method.
*6 It is the standard margin of error for category 5e cable. For some cables, it may be necessary to set the cable calibration.
*7 When starting the cable test, Port A/B will be the LAN port instead of TAP connection.