ModbusTCP ⇔ ModbusRTU/ASCII
(LAN ⇔ RS-422/485)
Interface Converter


●Connects 10Base-T/100Base-TX by auto-detection.
●Supports Modbus TCP master mode and Modbus TCP slave mode
●When master mode, you can register up to 8 IP addresses of Modbus TCP slave for the range of Modbus ID with which it connects.
●When slave mode, it connects up to 10 Modebus TCP master devices simultaneously to share the control of the access.
●Automatic register-scanning function of the slave mode makes the response for request by the master more quick.
●Can be used in the temperature between -25 and 75 degree Celsius.
●Low power consumption. It supports DC5 to 30V wide input.
●Supports installation by the wall bracket, the magnet, and installation to 35mm DIN rail.

Item Appearance Name Remarks
DIN Plate SI-DIN70 Uses for installing 35mm DIN rail.
DIN Plate SI-DIN30S Uses for installing vertically to 35mm DIN rail.
Magnet SI-MG70 Two magnets to attach the SI/LANIO-series on the wall. Screw two magnets on the bottom of device.
Wall bracket SI-WM1 Metal fitting to attach the device on the wall. Screw the meal fitting board on the bottom of device.
AC adapter ACアダプタ VFN-650B

Input: AC100V, 50/60Hz
Output: DC6V, 500mA
Plug: Center minus, 5.5mm (external), 2.1mm (internal)
Standard: PSE


Noise resistance

* Same as attached one.
AC adapter for SI-series GF12-US0618

Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output: DC6V, 1.8A
Plug: Center minus, 5.5mm (external), 2.1mm (internal)

*Small, low cost AC adapter
Wide Input AC adapter 6A-181WP09 Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output: DC9V, 2A
Plug: Center plus, 5.5mm (external), 2.1mm (internal)
* Same as AC adapter packaged with world wide model
Power plug cable SIH-2PG DC plug 2.1mm (5.5mm outside)-Y terminal (1.8m)
For the external DC power supply connection to the DC-IN terminal.
The cable clamp attachment is included.