■ Protocol Analyzer

What is a protocol analyzer?

A protocol analyzer (also referred to as a bus analyzer, data line monitor, packet/network/traffic analyzer, sniffer, network tap, etc.) is a measurement tool which is useful in development test and trouble shooting of communications networks and equipments.

In general, a protocol analyzer is to be connected between two or more communications devices which are transferring digital data each other, and it checks their communications protocol (a rule of communications system) and analyzes communications errors over communications line between the devices. For the purpose of digital data analysis especially for serial communication, using a protocol analyzer is by far more efficient than using other similar tools like oscilloscopes or logic analyzers.

● Verification of a protocol and analysis of communications errors

● It is hard to recognize data in this form.

[ Logic analyzer display ]

[ Raw data display ]
● A protocol analyzer captures digital data and provides a visual display in the form of readable characters according to relevant communications protocol.