Oct. 28,2008

New Multi-Protocol Analyzer LE-2500/LE-3500

LINEEYE Co., Ltd releases a new multi-protocol analyzer LE-2500/LE-3500 that is light weight, A5 size and battery powered.

1. Background

Nowadays, not only communication products, but also other electronic devices are needed to have some kinds of data communications. Thus, many kind of protocols are developed to suit to each product and system. Portable multi-protocol analyzer, LE-2500/3500 is very useful because it is portable and you can bring it to anywhere you need to solve the communication troubles.

2. Outline

LE-2500/3500 has almost same functions compared to LE-2200/3200, but it is smaller and lighter. The corners of this product are covered by rubber to protect the product from the accidental damage. Also light weight, A5 compact size and running 8 hours by battery power allow you to bring the product to the place you have encountered the problems. The communication speed, memory capacity and so on are improved compared to the former models. It supports RS-232C, RS-422/485(RS-530) Monitor/Simulation/BERT functions for arbitrary speed. It also has long hours recording to CF card, logic analyzer function, expansion boards for supporting other protocols, and the PC link software. It improves some other functions, such as voltage measurement for RS-232C and the external trigger output for each trigger condition. It is useful not only for developing some communication systems but also for maintaining the systems outside of your office.

3. Appearance

4. Feature

  1. A5 size, less than 800g, 8hours running by battery power.
  2. Has Monitor/Simulation/BERT function for multi-protocol.
  3. Supports TTL, I2C, IrDA, ASK, CAN and LIN by exchanging the measurement boards (option).
  4. Continuously Records in the CF card (option).
  5. Has the simple Logic Analyzer function (resolution: max. 50ns) and the RS-232C signal voltage measurement function.
  6. Able to use the measured data on PC by using the PC link software (option: LE-PC300G).
  7. RoHS certified.

5. Specification

Model LE-3500 LE-2500
Interface Standard RS-232C, RS-422/485(RS-530)
With option cable X.20/21, RS-449, V.35
With expansion kit TTL, I2C,  BURST, IrDA, CAN, LIN
Protocol Standard ASYNC, BSC, SDLC, HDLC, X.25, PPP
With expansion kit I2C, IrDA(IrLAP), CAN, Device net, LIN
Capture memory 6.4Mbyte 2.4Mbyte
Speed 50bps-2.048Mbps (1.544Mbps: half duplex) 50bps-1.000Mbps (1.000Mbps: half duplex)
Monitor function Continuously records the logs without affecting the communication line,
and displays the data in the LCD.
Statistic function Provides the graphs in the order of measuring.
Trigger function Specifies 4 pairs of trigger conditions and actions. Able to have sequential actions,
one input for external trigger, two output for external trigger.
Simulation function 6 mode (with program mode) 4 mode (without program mode)
BERT function ITU-T G.821 confirmity. Measures the line quality such as error rate.
Optional function Logic analyzer function. RS-232C signal voltage measurement.
CF card   8 Gbyte   2 Gbyte
Display   Monochrome, Backlight   Monochrome
Interface AUX(RS-232C), USB AUX(RS-232C), USB
Dimensions 210x154x38mm, 790g 210x154x38mm, 760g

6. Compare LE-2500/3500 to LE-2200/3200

New Former New Former
LE-3500 LE-3200 LE-2500 LE-2200
RS-232C, RS-422/485 YES YES YES YES
TTL, I2C expansion set OP-SB5G OP-SB5F OP-SB5G OP-SB5F
IrDA, ASK expansion set OP-SB6G OP-SB6F OP-SB6G OP-SB6F
High speed HDLC OP-FW10G OP-FW10 - -
Capture Memory 6.4MB 3.6MB 2.4MB 1.2MB
Max. speed for full duplex 1.544Mbps 1.000Mbps 1.000Mbps 500Kbps
Max. speed for half duplex 2.048Mbps 1.544Mbps 1.000Mbps 1.000Mbps
Statistic function YES YES - -
Simulation function 6 mode 6 mode 4 mode 4 mode
RS-232C voltage measurement YES - YES -
Trigger output 2 1 2 1
CF card max. 8GB max. 1GB max. 2GB max. 1GB
LCD display Backlight Backlight No backlight No backlight
External interface RS-232C, USB RS-232C, Parallel RS-232C, USB RS-232C, Parallel
Dimension WxDxH 210x154x38mm 240x180x39mm 210x154x38mm 240x180x39mm
Weight approx. 790g approx. 950g approx. 760g approx. 940g

7. Options

Name Model  
Interface Expansion set TTL, I2C Expansion set OP-SB5G 3/5V level of TTL Communication
IrDA Expansion set OP-SB6G FIR speed for IrDA has a limit.
CAN, LIN Expansion set OP-SB7GX Measures two channels simultaneously
Firmware High Speed HDLC, CC-Link OP-FW10G  
Expansion board Current Loop SB-25L Need to have OP-1C
CF card 2GB CF card CF-2GX Confirmed by LINEEYE
8GB CF card CF-8GX Confirmed by LINEEYE
PC Software PC Link Software LE-PC300G OS:Windows2000/ XP/ Vista

8. Contact

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