Apr. 14,2009

An Expansion Board for FlexRay Communications, OP-SB88

LINEEYE Co., Ltd releases an expansion board (OP-SB88) to monitor FlexRay communications (high speed communications for in-vehicle network) and to transmit FlexRay test frames from LE-8200.

1. Background

CAN/LIN communications has been shifting to new in-vehicle communications, FlexRay. FlexRay transmits a large amount of data with high speed and high reliability. It was common that technicians incorporate a program to test a FlexRay evaluation board which IC manufactures offered. However, it is much time consuming for programming. On the other hand, OP-SB88 enable to simulate a FlexRay network, even it consists complicated communication parameters. Also small and light communication analyzer (LE-8200) measures a flow of communications by simple operation.

2. Outline

OP-SB88 is an expansion board for FlexRay communications, inserting into a slot of battery drive portable communication analyzer (LE-8200). The FlexRay frames are recorded in 100M byte large-capacity capture memory of LE-8200 and displayed on a large color LCD in real time. It enable to measure FlexRay data only by choosing a transmission rate (10Mbps, 5Mbps and 2.5Mbps) without setting about 50 communication parameters peculiar to FlexRay. There are a filter function to measure frames of specific cycle counter and specific ID, and a trigger function to stop measuring at the time of detecting the specific data. An output replay from the target device can be easily checked by measuring a voltage change of four points of external signals. Two cold start nodes for simulation are built in the simulation function to offer the evaluation environment of non-cold start node. More than 256 kinds of payload data can be registered. And it is possible to repeat transmission and have an event transmission by key operation. It is most suitable product for on-site test because it is small, lightweight, and runs by battery power.

3. Feature

  1. Support 10Mbps, 5Mbps and 2.5Mbps of FlexRay communications.
  2. Monitor FlexRay data by only setting the speed.
  3. A filter function to monitor frames of specific cycle counter and specific ID.
  4. Measure a voltage change of four points of external signals and logical status with communication data.
  5. Two cold start nodes for simulation are built in to evaluate the non-cold start nodes.
  6. Automatic repeat transmission function can specify the cycle counter and data sweep.
  7. Event transmission can switch the payload of specific frame by key operation.

4. Specification

Protocol FlexRay V2.1A
Interface Selectable TJA1080/ SN65HVD3088E from the analyzer
Speed 10Mbps, 5Mbps, 2.5Mbps      A/B channel
Monitoring Record and display every frame of FlexRay data. Header/Frame CRC Error.
Timestamp (unit: 1ms/100us/10us/1us)
Capacity Max. 100Mbyte (record in the capture memory of analyzer)
Filter Function Record/display the specific frame of indicator, ID and cycle counter.
Trigger Function Stop measuring after detecting the specific frames (max. 16 data)
and external signal.
Simulation Function Transmit registered 16 frames at specific cycle counter.
Transmit registered 16 frames of payload data by key operation.
External signal Input Record/display the voltage changes of four points of external signals and logic status.
External Trigger input/output An external trigger input and output at TTL level.

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