Apr. 28,2009

Guide on Upgrading the Firmware for LE-3500/LE-2500 (Version 1.02)

1. Models to need upgrading

Analyzers of the former versions, moreover if the analyzer needs functions, improvements, and fixed contents added by the latest version.

3. How to upgrade the latest firmware

3. How to upgrade the latest firmware

Please download the firmware file according to the model of the analyzer as follows.

Download - (767KB)

Transfer the latest firmware to your analyzer using LE8FIRM from you PC. To learn more about this, please read the document downloaded with LE8FIRM.
LE8FIRM.EXE has to be V1.02 or later. V1.01 or former should not be used.
LEX500.FW2 includes the firmware for LE-3500 and LE-2500. The proper firmware for your analyzer will be chosen automatically.

If the version is V1.00, you cannot upgrade via AUX port from the COM port of your PC. In this case, use via USB cable for upgrading.

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