Aug. 11, 2009

OP-FW10G Version up (v1.02)

Thank you for using our products.
We have released the latest version (v1.02) of OP-FW10G. If you have been using ex-version, please update it.

1. Introduction

Version History

2. How to update to the latest version

  1. Download (391KB) the latest version of software and save it to an appropriate folder.
  2. Insert the OP-FW10G in the CD-ROM drive of a PC.
  3. Execute “opfe10g.exe” extracted from (1).
  4. Specify the place of OP-FX10G at [Product CD location]. (change at [Select CD] button)
  5. Specify the file to create firmware at [Creation location of firmware file]. (change at [Reference] button)
  6. Click [Create ] button.
  7. “The firmware file creation was completed” message is displayed.
  8. Click [OK] and close the window.
  9. Click [Exit] and end “opfw10g.exe”.
  10. Install the created firmware to the analyzer. Refer to the instruction manual of OP-FW10G.

3. Contact

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