Mar. 30, 2010

Guide on Updating the Software for LE-580FX

1. About Updated Information

<LE-580FX Window v1.5, LE-580FX QoS v1.2, LE-580FX F2544 v2.4> [Complete version history information]

2. Hardware Improvement

PC connection port becomes the Mini USB connector and able to remove the USB cable from the LE-580FX.
Mini USB connector

3. Specification

Measurement Port Ethernet 10Base-T / 100Base-TX 2 port (RJ-45)
PC connection Port USB2.0 High speed (mini USB)
TAP mode Capture packet data on full duplex (able to filter), Display packets, Auto save, Analyze using the Ethereal / Wireshark, Display numbers of error and traffic at real time.
PG mode Transmit/ receive test packets from two ports (Max: 100Mbps, Able to adjust the output rate), error addition, QoS test, and RFC2544 test.
* LE-580FX F2544 is available at LINEEYE Website.
Power USB bus power ( Max. 3W )
Size, Weight 95 (W) × 75 (D) × 20 (H) mm Approx. 180g
Environment Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista(32bit)

4. How to update the software

5. Contact

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