Apr. 15, 2010

TTL/ I2C / SPI Expansion Kit for Measuring the Low Voltage Signal LVTTL

LINEEYE releases the TTL/I2C/SPI expansion kit “OP-SB85L” and “OP-SB5GL” which can measure the low voltage signal such as 1.8V and 2.5V.

[ Outline ]

LINEEYE has been manufactured the TTL/ I2C/ SPI expansion kit “OP-SB85” for LE-8200 and “OP-SB5G” for LE-2500/3500 to measure TTL level communications. Nowadays, the demand of measuring low voltage signal (1.8V, 2.5V) and supporting the Push Pull OMOS output for high  speed simulation is increasing.
“OP-SB85L” and “OP-SB5GL” support the signal level of 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/5V, and able to select the open collector output and COMS push-pull output. By using with the “OP-FW12G” and “OP-FW10G” (latest version), it can measure SPI communications at 10Mbps and test the LVTTL level high speed HDLC communications. It is useful when measuring between high-speed module and microcomputer by probing the communication lines directly.

[ Feature ]

  1. Support low voltage signal such as LVTTL/ TTL on 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V.
  2. Able to have the simulation test by high-speed CMOS push pull output.
  3. Use the small probe to support the narrow terminal pitch (approx. 1.27mm)

[ Specification ]

Applicable Analyzer LE-8200 LE-3500 / LE-2500
Interface TTL/CMOS,  I2C, SPI*1
Probe Signal SD(SDA/SDO), RD(SDI), RS(SS), CS, EX IN,
SD CLK(SCL/SCK), RD CLK, Trigger IN, Trigger OUT
Speed Standard Protocol*2 Max. 4Mbps Max. 2.048Mbps / Max. 1Mbps
High Speed HDLC*3 Monitor : Max. 12Mbps
Simulation : Max. 6Mbps
Monitor : Max. 10Mbps
Simulation : Max. 5Mbps
SPI*3 Monitor : Max. 20Mbps
Simulation : Max. 12Mbps
Monitor : Max. 10Mbps
Simulation : Max. 5Mbps
I2C 50K / 100K / 200K / 384K / 417K / 1Mbps
Signal Level Selectable from 5.0V / 3.3V / 2.5V / 1.8V*4
Input Level Threshold Depending on the signal level (input: -1V - +7V)
Output Circuit Open collector output, Open collector output with pull-up resistor,
Able to select CMOS push pull output*4
Power Supplied from the analyzer
Accessories Expansion Board, Relay Cable, High Speed TTL Probe Pod etc.
*1: LE-2500 does not support SPI communications.
*2: Same as max. speed of the analyzers
*3: When using with the high-speed HDLC Communications Firmware “OP-FW12G, OP-FW10G”. (Supports only LE-8200 and LE-3500)
*4: Cannot use the signal level 2.5V / 1.8V and CMOS push pull output for I2C simulation.

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