Aug. 26, 2010

An Expansion Board for Ethernet LAN (supporting PoE), OP-SB89

LINEEYE Co., Ltd is going to release the LAN expansion board (OP-SB89) of Multi Protocol Analyzer (LE-8200), which supports PoE (Power Over Ethernet).

[ Background ]

PoE (Power Over Ethernet) is the standard (IEEE 802.3af) of LAN cables, which provide the power along with the communication data, and the LAN cables have to be category 5 or above. It is used for the devices when it is hard to get their power source, such as Network cameras, access points for wireless LAN, IP telephones. However, most of the LAN analyzers and LAN TAP do not have the isolation transformer for PoE and cannot measure the LAN data between the PoE devices.

[ Outline ]

OP-SB89 is an expansion board for Ethernet LAN, inserting into a slot of battery drive portable communication analyzer (LE-8200).
In the Monitor function, it can capture 100M byte of 10BASE-T/ 100BASE-TX data frames into the internal memory and display on the LCD of analyzers.It also has the filter function, and the utility software which can convert the saved data on the CF cards into the “pcap” format data to use in the Wireshark (LAN analysis software). PoE Measurement function can measure the Voltage, Current, Power consumption of PD device, and record max 4 million of data and tell the statement (OK/NG).
PoE measurement data can be saved as CSV format into the CF cards and used in the calculation software.
It also has the statistic function which can display the numbers of traffic and error packets, PING function for link check test, cable test function for checking the length of cables/short circuit/split pair, and Port blink function to easily find the cable from the large numbers of other cables.

This is not only useful for developing LAN devices but also for installing the LAN devices in the buildings.

[ Feature ]

  1. Able to have the test only by connecting the LAN cables of PoE (Power Over Ethernet) devices to the analyzer.

  2. Has the fail-safe TAP not to affect the communications between the devices when power shortage of analyzer.

  3. Able to convert the data log into the Ethereal/Wireshark format by the utility software.

  4. Able to use as the Power Logger of PoE by connecting LAN cables.

  5. Able to have the cable test, such as length of LAN cable and short circuit.

  6. Able to display the traffic and number of error packets by graph.

  7. Has the PING function and blinking function of LEDs on the HUB port.

[ Specification ]

Interface Port A,B: 10Base-T / 100Base-TX (IEEE802.3) , PoE (IEEE 802.3af) Measurement
Port C:Cable Test Port, Dummy PD
Monitor Function Fail-safe TAP, Media type (10/100Base-TX, Half/Full) , Max. frame size: 2047byte, time stamp (min,1μs) , Max. recording: 100Mbyte, Supported protocols(IPv4,ARP,ICMP,TCP,UDP,DHCP), Filter function, Retrieval function (Specify the MAC address, IP address, protocol No.) , External signal trigger, Frame/Translation/Dump display, Auto stop when full memory, Conversion software for Ethereal / Wireshark format file (.pcap format) .
PoE Measurement
Recording interval (1ms-1s, 10 kinds) ,Recording time (max. 4 million data) ,
Power consumption/Voltage/Current/Power(Alternative A/B power supply port, polarity,) Statement (OK/NG), PoE overview/Damp/Graph display, saving as CSV format
Statistic Analysis
Calculate 2 kinds of frames at the same time, Recording interval (1-240 minute) ,Recording time (Max. 2000data) ,
Statistic: total received frames, normal frames, error frames, Broadcast, Multicast, numbers of frames by each size,
Max. calculation number: 4,294,967,295 (each)
Cable Test Function Cable length (3-120m) , short circuit, split pair
Cable Calibration
Others PING function, Port blink function, Dummy PD (Port C) function

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