Sep. 28, 2010

OP-FW10G Version up (ver 2.00)

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LINEEYE has released the latest version (ver 2.00) of OP-FW10G for LE-3500. It used to be for HDLC communications on RS-232C/422(485) interface board only, but now you can use it for HDLC/SPI communications on TTL interface board.  If you have been using ex-version, please update it.

[ Introduction ]

  1. Supports HDLC/SPI communnications at TTL signal level
    Can be used with TTL communcations expansion kits, OP-SB5G/OP-SB5GL.
    Firmware OP-FW12G
    ver 2.00 or later
    ver 1.00
    RS-422/RS-485 HDLC Yes Yes

  2. Improve SPI measurement test by LE-3500 + OP-SB5GL.
    Firmware OP-FW12G
    ver 2.00 or later
    standard board
    SPI monitoring speed Max. 10Mbps
    *No limis on amount of
    continuous transmission data.
    Max. 1.544Mbps
    *If continuous transmission data is
    1Kbyte of less, max speed will be 2.048Mbps.
    SPI simulation speed 115.2Kbps - 5Mbps 50bps - 2.048Mbps

  3. Correct minor bugs
    • Correct the miner bug of data code setting when rebooting the analyzer.
    • Correct the bug of invalid ID filter regarding to "FFh", "7Fh", "FEh", and "7Eh".
    • Correct the bug of invalid ending flag at trigger function.
    • Prevent loosing control (only power key is controllable) when speed of more than its specifications is measured.
[Complete version history]

[ Specifications ]

Interface S-422/485 (RS-530)*1, TTL*2, SPI*2
Protocol HDLC, SDLC, X.25, CC-Link(NRZ/NRZI format, AR clock), SPI
Speed Half duplex 115.2kbps-10Mbps*3
Full duplex 115.2kbps-5Mbps*3
Setting steps User-set: 4 effective digits
Error Check FCS Error(CRC-ITU-T), Abort, short frame
On-line Monitor Time stamps 6 digits , 0 to 524287
selectable in 1mS, 100μS, 10μS or 1μS
ID Filter (HDLC) able to set 2 characters (don't care, bit masks available)
Simulation Transmission data table 16K data (can be divided to 16 tables)
MANUAL mode Data table corresponding to the numerical keys can be sent.
Able to set continuous transmission and interval.
Trigger Set up to 8 characters (don't care and bit masks available).
When 2 individual or sequential characters, errors or the
external trigger input(low level) are found, the analyzer
automatically stops monitoring.
Data Search search any trigger data, error data and character lines
*1: when using the standard board
*2: Need to have OP-SB5G/OP-SB5GL
*3: Need to have OP-SB5GL for high-speed simulation of TTL/SPI communcations.

[ How to update the latest fimware ]

Please download the latest firmware from our Website.
And read “OP-FW10G_readme.txt” which is included in the update file.

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