Dec. 8, 2011

SDHC card supported CAN/LIN communication Data Logger "LE-270A"

LINEEYE Co., Ltd is going to release the new PC-connectable protocol analyzer, “LE-270A”, which can be used as a CAN/LIN data logger. It will be available by January 2012.

[ Background / Outline ]

LINEEYE has developed the new protocol analyzer in response to an increasing demand of CAN/LIN data logger, which records data in the memory card and can be used in the severe conditions of automobile laboratories, factories and so on.

LINEEYE is going to release the new CAN/LIN data logger "LE-270A", which can record CAN/LIN communication logs in the SDHC card for long hours. Using with a PC, it can perform as the CAN/LIN protocol analyzer, and monitors data on the PC at real time. Using without a PC, it can perform as the CAN/LIN data logger, and saves data in the SDHC card. It has two High-speed CAN transceivers, two Low-speed CAN transceivers and two LIN (TJA1020) transceivers. It monitors two channels of CAN or LIN, or one CAN and one LIN transceivers. In addition, four channels of Analog/Digital signals can be recorded.

Power failure protection, water-proofing and low power consumption widens the usage of analyzer such as in the automation factories and other production factories.

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[ Features ]

  1. PC-connectable and PC-less analyzer.
  2. Measure two channels of CAN/LIN in combination and four channels of Analog/Digital signals.
  3. High speed(TJA1050) and Low speed(TJA1054) of CAN transceivers are selectable from the software.
  4. Support schedule measurement, which specifies the starting/ending time, and turns ON/OFF the power supply.
  5. Power failure protection and wide range of ambient temperature make it possible to use it in the severe conditions.

[ Specifications ]

Model LE-270A
Interface Two channels of CAN: Comfort to ISO11898/ ISO11519-2 standard.
TJA1050/TJA1054 (switchable)
Two channels of LIN: Comfort to ISO9141standard. TJA1020
Memory PC: Max 8G byte on the HDD, PC-less: capacity of the SDHC card
Mode Remote mode (record in the HDD of PC),
Data Logger mode (record in the SDHC card)
Monitor Function Record communication frames with time stamp,
Filter function, Trigger function
Display / Analysis on PC Real time display, Watch data display(display specified data of each ID),
Search function, Convert into Text/ CSV format
Power USB BUS power or external DC (DC8-27V), AC adapter
Standard CE(class A), EMC(EN61326-1 : 2006)
Dimension, mass 86(W)×130(D)×30(H) mm approx. 230g
Environment of PC OS:Windows® XP/Vista/7    PC: PC/AT compatible
Accessories PC software, Mini-USB cable, DSUB cable for CAN/LIN, DC plug cable,
2GB SD card

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