Dec. 8, 2011

New Expansion kit "OP-SB84" for analyzing USB2.0 and measuring VBUS Power

LINEEYE Co., Ltd is going to release the USB expansion kit, “OP-SB84”, for Multi Protocol Analyzer (LE-8200), which can monitor USB2.0 protocol at real time and measure VBUS power.

[ Outline ]

OP-SB84 is an expansion board for USB2.0 communications, inserting into a slot of battery drive portable communication analyzer, "LE-8200".

It can automatically detect the speed of target device (480Mbps/12Mbps/1.5Mbps) and display USB packets on the LCD at real time, and record data on the 100Mbyte capture memory at the same time. It can record not only USB packets, but also bus events such as resets and suspends with time stamp information. Dedicated branch circuit on the measuring board minimizes the effect to the target line. There are a log filter to capture specific events and a display filter to shorten the analysis time. Powerful trigger function makes it possible to have auto-stop function and to input/output the external signals to another devices.

VBUS measurement function records voltage, current, power consumption at min of 1ms cycle. It is a useful tool to solve the power shortage trouble of USB BUS powered products.

[ Feature ]

  1. Measures USB2.0 data by the analyzer without using a PC.
  2. High-impedance circuit minimizes the effect on the communications of the target devices.
  3. High resolution of time stamp at 16.67ns.
  4. Filters the specific address/ endpoint/ IN transaction, excepting IN-DATA.
  5. Detects errors and specific data (max.8byte). Trigger function can be used to output/input the external signal.
  6. VBUS Measurement function measures Voltage, Current, Power consumption of USB Bus power at max. 1ms cycle.

[ Specifications ]

Interface USB1.1/2.0    USB Specification,  A/B receptacle 1 each
Monitor Automatically detects the speed as High (480Mbps)/ Full (12Mbps)/ Low (1.5Mbps).
Records/ displays USB packets and bus events for max. 100Mbyte.
Time stamp (resolution: 16.67ns), Filter/ Trigger function
OTG Event Judgment, Auto-save into CF cards (upgrade in the future)
Analysis Display Packet display, Detailed display, Translation display.
Searches specific data, Calculates/ displays the transmission speed of specific
address and endpoint.
VBUS Measurement Measures/ graphs the VBUS Voltage, Current, Power consumption continuously.
(Measurement cycle: 1KHz – 1Hz, 10 steps)
Over view/ Dump display/ Graph. Saves data in CSV file.
File, Print Saves data into CF cards. Prints/ saves data in Text format.

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