Mar. 12, 2012

Guide on Updating the Firmware of USB2.0 communications
"OP-SB84" (Version 1.02)

Thank you for using LINEEYE products.
LINEEYE has released the latest firmware of OP-SB84 for LE-8200 analyzer.
The latest firmware enables LE-8200 to have continuous recording, Auto Save function to save in the CF card, and utility software to convert data into text files.
If you have been using the ex-version, please update to the latest version.

1. Update Information

  1. Add a Ring Buffer mode to record data continuously. Previous version stops recording when 100MB buffer memory becomes full. The latest version enables anayzer to record data continuously using 100MB buffer memory as a Rung Buffer. Press [Stop] key to finish recording without concerning the space of buffer area, and able to use with a trigger function for more effective analysis.
    [ Previous version, Configuration Display ]
    [ Latest version, Configuration Display ]
  2. Add Auto Save function to save measured data into a CF card automatically.
    Auto Save function, which is supported on the standard board of LE-8200, is added on OP-SB84 to record data for a long time up to the capacity of the CF card.
    *  USB communication which contains High-speed transferring for a long time may have some capturing loss. Use a filtering function and specify the target recording logs before using the Auto Save function.
  3. Improve USB analysis fuctions
    • The latest firmware targets all data in the packet of a retrieval function. Previous version supports only 8byte data form top of the packet.
    • Add [previous]/[next] search keys in the Detailed Display. It enalbes to analyze data which is divided into a few packets.
    • Improve translation display.
      It is able to have a translation display at HUB/HID class and name of MassStorage device request by setting the HUB/HID/MassStorage.
    • Support DATA packet data in ASCII code in the Detailed Display. Data packet data is able to displayed in ASCII and in HEX.
  4. Improve VBUS measurement display.
    • Add "Auto range on/off" in the VBUS measurement display (graph).
    • Add a display of "Auto" in a graph when Auto range is "on".
    • Add manual range keys in the F3(range up) and F4(range down)when Auto range is "off".
    • Change the order of displaying VBUS measurement from voltage to current.
    • Add a jump function which enables to jump to the pointed data in the Dump display.
  5. Other Improvements/ Bug correction
    • Add "Stop" in the "BT RUN lock" in the system configuration.
      Selecting "Stop" does not allow to start measuring or stops measuring while battery warning LED is lighting. It will prevent damage from power failure when measuring at Auto Save function.
    • Correct a bug of offset in the trigger action (stop) when using a Buffer1 or Buffer2.
    • Correct a bug of invalid search address or endpoint in the Data Search function.
    • Correct a minor bug of print data function.
    • Correct a minor bug of search function when using display filter.

[Complete version history]

2. How to update the latest firmware

Please download the latest firmware from our Website.

Refer to the instruction of analyzer to transfer the firmware to the analyzer.

3. Utility Software

Utility software (leucvt_win) for Windows XP/Vista/7, which converts measured data (.DT file) into text converter is available from LINEEYE website.

4. Contact

Email: Contact Us