Jul. 31, 2013

Guide on Updating the LE-200PS/ LE-150PS (Version 1.11)

LINEEYE CO., LTD has released the latest PC software and firmware of LE-200PS/ LE-150PS(ver1.11). The latest version improves some functions,such as changing the recording files when reaching to the specific time in the logger mode, and processing way of the inner RTC (time clock IC).
If you have been using the ex-version, please update to the latest version.

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[ How to update the latest firmware ]

Please download the latest PC software (LE-LINK20) from our Website. After updating it, check the version from Menu -> [tool] -> [firmware check].

A note for updating firmware will be displayed. Read it carefully and start updating.

If you already have the latest firmware, the note for updating firmware will not be appeared.

Refer to the manual for more detail.

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