Apr. 10, 2014

New Portable Protocol Analyzer “LE-8200A” with digital pattern generator function

LINEEYE Co., LTD. releases a new top-of-the line analyzer "LE-8200A" on April 10. The new model has digital pattern generator function and a interface for USB flash drive, in addition to the features of LE-8200 such as color display and support for RS-232C/422/485 as standard and  TTL / I2C / SPI / CAN / LIN / FlexRay / USB / LAN by optional expansion kits.

1. Background

Nowadays, not only communication products, but also other electronic devices need some kind of data communication. Thus, many kinds of protocols have been developed to suit to each product and system.

When evaluating products in development process, they need to simulate the situation at which a communication timing error has occurred by evaluating subtly different signal timings depending on the condition of the communication line and the electrical specification of the target device.

2. Outline

LE-8200A is the top-of-the line analyzer which has file management function of logged data, digital pattern generator function, and a USB flash interface with which you can use auto-save function, in addition to all the features of the LE-8200 (features such as color display, run by a buttery).

This model has three essential functions - monitoring, simulation, BERT (bit error rate test) - for development and test of communication-protocol-related products. LINEEYE this time added “digital pattern generator mode (which is called Pulse Generator Mode in LE-8200A)” as one of the  modes of the simulation function. With this function you can edit the digital waveform data which captured by logic analyzer function of this model (logic analyzer function is a special feature of LINEEYE analyzers), and you can output the edited data singly or repeatedly. Using this function (e.g. staggering the timing of the data bit and the transmit/receive clock, or adding purposely noisy pulses on the data line), you can test and evaluate the resistance for errors which assumed to occur when operating a communication system.

Besides CF card which has been supported, we added a USB 2.0 interface to this new model for the usage of USB flash drive as a storage device. Thus you can log the captured data in a USB flash drive, a storage device nowadays commonly used.

This is the flagship product which includes all the features of LE-8200, such as TFT color LCD, bisection of the display for comparing of the captured data, bilingual guide display (Japanese and English), easy to use, light and portable, run by a battery, and a carrying bag included.

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3. Feature

  1. Logic Analyzer function of (max. 100MHz sampling) and digital pattern generator function with which you can edit and output the data captured by the function.
  2. You can log the captured data continuously in a CF card (max. 64Gbyte) or USB flash drive.
  3. It supports TTL, I2C, SPI, IrDA, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, USB, LAN by optional expansion kits.
  4. It transmits and receives any speed (50bps - 4Mbps) by setting any effective digits.
  5. 100Mbyte capture memory to measure high-speed and mass data.
  6. Two kinds of timestamps - by date (day/hour/minute etc) or by the seconds which has passed from the beginning of measurement (min. 1μs).
  7. B5 size (240x190x48mm), 1.1kg, battery-driven.
  8. RoHS certified.

4. Compare LE-8200A to LE-8200

Model LE-8200A LE-8200
Interface Standard RS-232C (V. 24), RS-422/485 (RS-530)
With expansion kit TTL, I2C, SPI, BURST, IrDA, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, LAN, USB
Protocol Standard ASYNC, BSC, SDLC, HDLC, X.25, PPP, Modbus
With expansion kit I2C, SPI, IrDA(IrLAP), CAN, Device net, LIN, FlexRay, LAN, USB
Capture Memory 100Mbyte
Speed Standard 50bps - 4Mbps
With expansion kit HDLC/SDLC: 115.2Kbps - 12Mbps
SPI: 115.2Kbps - 20Mbps
Min. of Timestamp 1μs
BERT function 14 kinds of test pattern
Simulation function 7 modes 6 modes
Digital pattern generator function Yes*1 -
Auto save function CF card / USB flash drive*2 CF card
CF card Max 64 Gbyte Max 64 Gbyte
USB flash drive Max 64 Gbyte -
Ports USB2.0 host / device, RS-232C USB2.0 device, RS-232C
Dimension(W×D×H) 240 x 190 x 48 mm
Weight About 1.1 kg
*1: This function can be used at ASYNC, BSC, SDLC, HDLC, X.25, PPP, Modbus, and cannot be used at other protocols.
*2: Measurement performance may not be sufficient depending on USB flash drive.

5. Options

  Model Note
Interface expansion kits TTL, I2C, SPI OP-SB85L  
Current loop OP-SB85C  
FlexRay OP-SB88  
Gigabit Ethernet OP-SB89G Under development
Firmware High-speed HDLC OP-FW12G  
CF cards 64 Gbyte CF card CF-64GX Confirmed by LINEEYE
Cables X.21 monitor cable LE-25Y15 To test X.21 (V.11)
RS-449 monitor cable LE-25Y37 To test RS-449 (V.36)
V.35 monitor cable LE-25M34 To test V.35
DSUB25 pin terminal block LE-25TB To test RS-422/485
PC software PC link software LE-PC800G Control function of digital pulse generator
from PC will be available around June.

6. Contact

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