Feb. 19, 2015

Three types of new adapters which boost the output voltage of an external battery.

LINEEYE CO., LTD. releases LE-BA series adapters which allow you to use an external batteries (for the products such as smart phones or tablets) for devices which requires more than 5V by boosting the output voltage of the battery in March, 2015.

[ Background ]

Now it is easy to buy an external battery of large volume at a good price, however, it cannot be used for the devices which require more than 5V because the output voltage of the batteries is commonly 5V.

This voltage booster for the external battery has three varieties of 6V output, 9V output, and 12V output. It will help you to run the devices which have AC adapter jack and you want to use it with an external battery.

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Note: No USB cable is attached. Please prepare by yourself.


[ Usage examples ]

[ Characteristic ]

  1. Highly-efficient conversion of voltage (with little loss)
  2. The output noise ripple is 100mVp-p or less.
  3. Small, lightweight, and easy to carry

Detailed Information for LE-BA series

[ Specifications ]

Model LE-BA06 LE-BA09 LE-BA12
Input voltage DC5V(DC4.4V-5.25V) power supply from micro USB connecter.
Output Voltage DC6V (±5%) DC9V (±5%) DC12V (±5%)
Maximum Output
700mA 470mA 350mA
Efficiency 84% 86% 85%
Output Nois Ripple 100mVp-p or less
Ouput DC Plug Center Plus, external diameter 5.5mm,
internal diameter 2.1mm, cable length 1.8m
Size & Weight 35(W)×50(D)×20(H) mm, about 50g
*1: This values are when supplies power from external batteries which has 1A or more output. Please use with half or less of maximum output current when supplies power from a USB port of PC or an external battery of 0.5A output.

[ Beginning of shipment ]

Mar. 9, 2015

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