Mar. 4, 2015

Guide on updating the LE-270A (Version 1.07, which has enhanced filter function.)

LINEEYE has released the latest version (ver1.07) of the CAN/LIN data logger "LE-270A" on the website. The new version has enhanced CAN filter function.

If you are using the ex-version, please update to the latest version.

[ Update Information ]

The past version has only one acceptance filter which can specify the ID by bit unit as its filter function. Thus they have needed an advanced filter function by which you can specify some IDs and include or exclude those IDs from the scope of monitoring.

Besides the acceptance filter, this new version has added the pass filter (include the specified ID in the monitoring scope) and the cut filter (exclude the specified ID in the monitoring scope), with both of which you can set up to 8 items. It will help you to monitor the targeted node ID selectively.

  1. ID filter function has been enhanced.
    Configuration display (past version)

    Set the scope of 0 to 7FFh of the standard format ID as ID28-ID18.
    Set the scope of 0 to 1FFFFFFFh of the extended format ID as ID28-ID0.

    In this example, ID:100 to 1FF and all the scope of the ID: 04000000 to 07FFFFFF will be monitored.


    Configuration display (new version)

    IDs which passed through the acceptance filter can be filtered in the order of the pass filter and the cut filter.

    In this example, ID: 101, 102, 103, 104, 184 to 18F, and 1F4 to 1FF will be monitored.

  2. Time to detect power failure has changed.

    The time until execute the detection of power failure has shortened to 0.5 second from 1 second when using LE-270A by logger mode. With this change, the problem which rarely occurs - the storage process of log file cannot make it in time when it consumes much current (ex. when monitoring Low-CAN (under 125Kbps)) and a power failure occurs – have been solved.

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[ How to update the latest firmware ]

Please download the latest firmware from our Website.

LE8FIRM (a software to transfer firmware) is also available from our Website.

Refer to "LE8FIRM.TXT" in the download folder for the detail.

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