May. 16, 2017

CAN/LIN data logger with which you can register GPS positioning data and acceleration data at the same time – “LE-270GR”

LINEEYE CO., LTD. released the new CAN/LIN protocol analyzers LE-270GR with which you can register GPS positioning data, acceleration sensor data, and CAN/LIN communication data at the same time. LINEEYE CO., LTD. starts to sell LE-270GR from December 2016.


Connector for GPS antenna (Option)

[ Background and Outline ]

We have received requests from our customer for the data logger with which they can register GPS positioning data, acceleration sensor data, and CAN/LIN communication data at the same time. Then, LINEEYE CO., LTD. developed and released small and light CAN/LIN communication data logger “LE-270GR” which has acceleration sensor and connector for GPS antenna. LE-270GR has logger mode in which it can continuously register measurement log into a SD card and remote mode in which it can display communication data and GPS data on PC in real time by connecting it with a PC. It has galvanic-isolated 2 channels CAN transceiver (equivalent to TJA1050), 2channels of LIN transceiver (equivalent to TJA1021), and analog measurement circuit. You can monitor 2 channels of CAN, or 2channels of LIN, or 1 channel each of CAN and LIN and also can register GPS positioning data, acceleration data, and voltage data of 4 external signals at the same time. By Wi-Fi, you can transfer one of the measured log file selected from the files registered in the SD card to PC and confirm it while measurement. In the logger mode, to save the power, it can start measurement at the time indicated by setting file written into the SD card and automatically shuts down the power after stops measurement. Also it has backup control for sudden power failure (patent-protected technology) which prevents it from the data loss caused by sudden power failure that happens while it accessing the SD card. This will helpful for car-related test in which power supply is unstable. In the remote mode it supports DC-IN or 1 pin of measurement connector for power supply. With its characteristics such as wide ambient temperature support, hard aluminum body, and dust proofing cover for SD card, LE-270GR is suitable for testing in harsh environment such as testing for a car or testing line which need installment of the data logger.

[ Features ]

  1. 2 ways of use - Logger mode (without PC) and remote mode (with PC)
  2. Measurement of 2 channels of CAN, 2 channels of LIN, or 1 channel each for CAN and LIN is available.
  3. Simultaneous recording of GPS positioning data, acceleration data, and 4 external signal monitoring data is available.
  4. Galvanic isolation between CAN/LIN transceiver and the analog measurement circuit
  5. The Pass/Cut filter and trigger function make your analysis efficiently.
  6. By using Wi-Fi You can confirm the measurement log file without stop the logging.
  7. In logger mode, it supports DC-IN or 1 pin BATTERY terminal of measurement connector for power supply.
  8. Scheduled measurement with start/stop time and automatic measurement by power on/off are available.
  9. Automatic fixed display offers real-time display of data frames of same ID in appearing order on a single line.
  10. By manual simulation function, you can select a CAN/LIN data registered in advance on PC and transmit it repeatedly.
  11. Back up control for sudden power failure prevent the files from a power failure which happens while it accesses the SD card.
  12. Robust design for harsh environment

LE-270GR product page

[ Specifications ]

Model LE-270GR
Interface CAN: Comfort to ISO11898 standard, TJA1050.
LIN: Comfort to ISO9141 standard. TJA1021
Measurement processing part such as USB connector/SD card slot is isolated by galvanic isolation.
Connector DSUB 25 pin male connector #4-40UNC
Number of Channels 2 channels of CAN or LIN, or 1 CAN and 1 LIN
Protocol CAN, Device Net, LIN (Rev1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.1)
Baud Rate CAN: 125Kbps-1Mbps LIN: 400bps-26Kbps (arbitrary)
CAN Monitor Standard/ Expansion format. Support bit timing settings.
LIN Monitor Frame breaking is possible according to the data length of each ID or specified idle time.
Error Check Break:(LIN), Sync:(LIN), Parity:(LIN), Checksum:(CAN/LIN), Framing:(LIN)
Memory PC: Max 32G byte on the HDD, PC-less: Capacity of the SD card
(Specify the file size as 128K /1M / 2M/ 4M / 8M / 16M / 32M byte)
Recording Type Ring Buffer (continuous) mode, Fixed Buffer (full stop) mode
Mode Remote mode (with PC); Data Logger mode (PC-less)
test mode
Online mode, Analog mode, Manual mode (Simulation)
Measurement start/stop Control from PC, Start/Stop switch, Auto-Power run, Specify date and time.
Time Stamp “Hr:Min:Sec”, “Min:Sec:x1ms”, 9 digits: “100μs”, “10μs”, “1μs” (selectable)*1
Filter Record specific frames using Bit-mask ID, Bus ID (up to 8), Cut ID (up to 8).
Display on PC Real-time display, Watch data display(display specified data of each ID)
Trigger Condition Data string up to 8 characters, specified remote frame (CAN), frame error (LIN), timer and counter, logic status of external signal, external trigger input.
Action Stop measurement (offset can be set), validates/invalidates trigger condition, control timer/counter, turn on/off the light of user-defined LED, output external signals, output trigger signals, Transmits CAN data (when in manual mode).
Retrieval function on PC Trigger matched data, Error (Break, Sync, Parity, Checksum, Framing), Data: Specified ID (don’t care available), Data string (Up to 8 characters; don’t care and bit mask available), CAN Remote Data: Specified ID (don’t care available), Specified Time stamp, External signal
External Signal Input Digital/Analog 4 channels
Recording: At the time of receiving signals, or specified sampling cycle (1ms - 10min, 13steps)
Digital VIH 2V (Min.), VIL 0.5V (Max.)
Analog Range: -16V to +16V, Accuracy: ±0.5%FS, A/D conversion: 15Ksps, Resolution: 10bit
Acceleration data Registers acceleration data of X/Y/Z axes. 3 axes acceleration sensor (equivalent to KX022-1020-FR) is built-in.
GPS positioning data Registers and displays latitude, longitude, and above sea level. SMA (female) connector for active GPS antenna is equipped.
Conversion Convert data into Text, CSV, or KML format and save.
LED 5 two-color LED: Power/Error, Test/Record, CH1/CH2, User-defined U1/U2, and Wi-Fi/GPS
Switch One: RUN / STOP
External Trigger Signal 1 Input, 2 Output (equipped in the measurement connector)
SD/SDHC Card  2 – 32G byte*2
USB2.0 Port Mini-B connector. High speed supported.
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n*3
Power*4 Powered from USB bus power, DC-IN, or 1pin BATTERY terminal
External DC power (DC8-36V), AC adapter (6A-181WP09, center plus).
Power consumption: 1.7W (2.3W when using Wi-Fi) Max. 2.7W for about 10sec after turning on the power). About 0.07W/DC12V while turning off the power (when powered from DC-IN)*5
Run time during power failure Approx. 0.5sec
Ambient Temperature, Humidity In operation: -20-+60°C In storage: -20-+60°C, 5 - 85%RH (No condensation)
Standard CE (class A), EMC (EN61326-1 : 2013)
Dimension, mass 86(W)×130(D)×30(H) mm approx. 240g
Environment of PC OS:Windows® 7/8/8.1/10  PC: PC/AT compatible
Accessories PC software, Mini-USB cable, CAN/LIN Dsub cable, Power plug cable, 8G byte SDHC card※2
*1: Only “Hr:Min:Sec”, “Min:Sec:x1ms”is available on Analog mode.
*2: Only SDHC card sold by LINEEYE is supported.
*3: Wi-Fi function is valid only in Japan, USA, and Canada.
*4: AC adapter is sold separately. In the Remote mode (with PC), the analyzer runs by the USB bus power. In the Logger mode (PC-less), you need to have the optional AC adapter (6A-181WP09) or use the proper external power.
*5: Power supply from connector 1pin consumes abou 30mA even when the power is turned off. If you want to save the power consumption use OBD2-DB25C-1 cable etc.

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