Sep. 8, 2017

The light edition of the PC link software "LE-PC800G" is released

LINEEYE CO., LTD. releases the light edition of the PC link software "LE-PC800G" for LE-8200A/LE-8200, which has less limitation than before, and attach it to the analyzers as its standard accessory and also put the software on the website for the customers to download it for free.

[ Background and Outline ]

As the previous trial version of the PC link software "LE-PC800G" has many limitaitions for use and after 7days passed from the installation the version cannot be used, the customers cannot evaluate the software fully. At the same time many customers requested that the software should be the free accessory, not the optional product.
The light edition of LE-PC800G is a new trial version and has a little bit of limitation but offers all the functions of the product version of LE-PC800G and is useful for the actual use. If you have LE-8200A/LE-8200, please take advantage of this opportunity.

Differences between the light edition and full version

The following functions are disabled in the light edition.

  1. The edition limits its monitoring time for 10 minutes.
  2. The number of files of text conversion (at the same time) is limited up to 3.

[ Features ]

LE-PC800G has following features. For the detail please refer to the webpage of LE-PC800G.

LE-PC800G product information

[ Download ]

The light edition can be downlorded from here.
The light edition of LE-PC800G

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