November. 16, 2017

A CAN/LIN communication analyer and data logger "LE-270AR"
which can send a test data.

LINEEYE Co., Ltd released an analyzer/data logger of CAN/LIN communication "LE-270AR". LE-270AR has a simulation fucntion with which you can send an arbitrary data and also can be used as a data logger which supports data logging to a SD card.



[ Background and Outline ]

Many customers of the conventional model "LE-270A" requested a model which has a simulation function in which they can send a test data to a communication line and a function with which they can monitor the logged data without stopping the logging.

Now LINEEYE Co., Ltd releases a new CAN/LIN analyzer "LE-270AR" with which by Wi-Fi you can monitor the log data in a SD card by inserted into the LE-270AR and also you can send a test data to a communication line by using simulation function when it acts as analyzer.

When connected with a PC, LE-270AR acts as a CAN/LIN protocol analyzer with which you can monitor a communication data in real time . It has High-speed CAN interface and LIN interface and you can select CAN (TJA1050) or LIN (TJA1021) for the each channel depending on the test condition. When registering CAN/LIN communication data, analog/digital signals from 4 external input terminal can be registered at the same time. It supports automatic measurement of a specific time and has Instant Power Failure Prevention circuit as the previous model. It is useful for a vehicle testing or embedment into a testing line.

LE-270AR product page

[ Features ]

  1. 2 ways of use - Logger mode (without PC) and remote mode (with PC)
  2. Measurement of 2 channels of CAN, 2 channels of LIN, or 1 channel each for CAN and LIN is available.
  3. The Pass/Cut filter and trigger function make your analysis efficiently.
  4. By using Wi-Fi You can confirm the measurement log file without stop the logging.
  5. In logger mode, it supports DC-IN or 1 pin BATTERY terminal of measurement connector for power supply.
  6. Scheduled measurement with start/stop time and automatic measurement by power on/off are available.
  7. Automatic fixed display offers real-time display of data frames of same ID in appearing order on a single line.
  8. By manual simulation function, you can select a CAN/LIN data registered in advance on PC and transmit it repeatedly.
  9. Back up control for sudden power failure prevent the files from a power failure which happens while it accesses the SD card.
  10. Robust design for harsh environment

[ Comparison table with the upper model LE-270GR ]

Model LE-270AR LE-270GR
Interface CAN: Comfort to ISO11898 standard, TJA1050.
LIN: Comfort to ISO9141 standard. TJA1021
Measurement processing part such as USB connector/SD card slot is isolated by galvanic isolation.
Connector DSUB 25 pin male connector #4-40UNC
Number of Channels 2 channels of CAN or LIN, or 1 CAN and 1 LIN
Protocol CAN, Device Net, LIN (Rev1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.1)
Baud Rate CAN: 125Kbps-1Mbps LIN: 400bps-26Kbps (arbitrary)
CAN Monitor Standard/ Expansion format. Support bit timing settings.
LIN Monitor Frame breaking is possible according to the data length of each ID or specified idle time.
Error Check Break:(LIN), Sync:(LIN), Parity:(LIN), Checksum:(CAN/LIN), Framing:(LIN)
Memory PC: Max 32G byte on the HDD, PC-less: Capacity of the SD card
(Specify the file size as 128K /1M / 2M/ 4M / 8M / 16M / 32M byte)
Recording Type Ring Buffer (continuous) mode, Fixed Buffer (full stop) mode
Mode Remote mode (with PC); Data Logger mode (PC-less)
test mode
Online mode, Analog mode, Manual mode (Simulation)
Measurement start/stop Control from PC, Start/Stop switch, Auto-Power run, Specify date and time.
Time Stamp “Hr:Min:Sec”, “Min:Sec:x1ms”, 9 digits: “100μs”, “10μs”, “1μs” (selectable)*1
Filter Record specific frames using Bit-mask ID, Bus ID (up to 8), Cut ID (up to 8).
Display on PC Real-time display, Watch data display(display specified data of each ID)
Trigger Condition Data string up to 8 characters, specified remote frame (CAN), frame error (LIN), timer and counter, logic status of external signal, external trigger input.
Action Stop measurement (offset can be set), validates/invalidates trigger condition, control timer/counter, turn on/off the light of user-defined LED, output external signals, output trigger signals, Transmits CAN data (when in manual mode).
Retrieval function on PC Trigger matched data, Error (Break, Sync, Parity, Checksum, Framing), Data: Specified ID (don’t care available), Data string (Up to 8 characters; don’t care and bit mask available), CAN Remote Data: Specified ID (don’t care available), Specified Time stamp, External signal
External Signal Input Digital/Analog 4 channels
Recording: At the time of receiving signals, or specified sampling cycle (1ms - 10min, 13steps)
Digital VIH 2V (Min.), VIL 0.5V (Max.)
Analog Range: -16V to +16V, Accuracy: ±0.5%FS, A/D conversion: 15Ksps, Resolution: 10bit
Acceleration data - Registers acceleration data of X/Y/Z axes. 3 axes acceleration sensor (equivalent to KX022-1020-FR) is built-in.
GPS positioning data - Registers and displays latitude, longitude, and above sea level. SMA (female) connector for active GPS antenna is equipped.
Conversion Convert data into Text, CSV, or KML format and save.
LED 5 two-color LED: Power/Error, Test/Record, CH1/CH2, User-defined U1/U2, and Wi-Fi/GPS*2
Switch One: RUN / STOP
External Trigger Signal 1 Input, 2 Output (equipped in the measurement connector)
SD/SDHC Card  2 – 16G byte 2 – 32G byte
USB2.0 Port Mini-B connector. High speed supported.
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n*3
Power Powered from USB bus power, DC-IN, or 1pin BATTERY terminal
External DC power (DC8-36V), AC adapter (6A-181WP09, center plus).
Power Consumption 1.3W (1.9W when using Wi-Fi)*4 1.7W (2.3W when using Wi-Fi)*4
Run time during power failure Approx. 0.5sec
Ambient Temperature, Humidity In operation: -20-+60°C In storage: -20-+60°C, 5 - 85%RH (No condensation)
Standard CE (class A), EMC (EN61326-1 : 2013)
Dimension, mass 86(W)×130(D)×30(H) mm approx. 240g
Environment of PC OS:Windows® 7/8/8.1/10  PC: PC/AT compatible
Accessories PC software, Mini-USB cable, CAN/LIN Dsub cable, Power plug cable, 8G byte SDHC card
*1: Only “Hr:Min:Sec”, “Min:Sec:x1ms”is available on Analog mode.
*2: LE-270AR does not support GPS.
*3: Wi-Fi function is valid only in Japan, USA, and Canada.
*4: Max 2.7W for about 10 seconds after turning on the power

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