February. 2, 2018

OP-SB89E, a new LAN expansion board
(supporting monitoring of EtherCAT) is to be released.

LINEEYE Co., LTD. is going to release a new LAN Expansion Board (for 2 channels), OP-SB89E (which supports individual monitoring of each input port and output port of EtherCAT and dedicated to LE-8200/LE-8200A).

[ Background and Outline ]

As M2M is being more popular and industrial Ethernet is widely used in FA field, the measurement device to monitor EtherCAT, a standard which accounts for a relatively large share, for the trouble shooting and development is needed.

This time, LINEEYE Co., Ltd released the new expansion board OP-SB89E which supports monitoring of 2 channels of LAN and is used with LE-8200A/LE-8200 by inserting the board into the slot of the analyzer. The model has 4 measurement ports to capture the data on 2 channels of Ethernet, thus you can monitor input and output of EtherCAT slave simultaneously. The analyzer with the board works as a stand-alone type LAN analyzer run by a battery power, you can use it device installment or trouble shooting on site.

OP-SB89E product page

Comparison table of OP-SB89G, OP-SB89E, and OP-SB89

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[ Features ]

  1. Monitors 2 Ethernet lines simultaneously with time stamps of min.40n second.
  2. By the timing monitor function, you can monitor processing time of an EtherCAT device.
  3. By the PG function, you can transmit arbitrary packets in the line rate.
  4. With the fail-safe design, the communication between the devices continues when the power of analyzer is down.
  5. By the dedicated utility software you can convert the log into pcap format compatible with Wireshark.
  6. Graphic representation of the time series variation such as communication traffic or numbers of error packets is available.

[ Specification ]

Interface Port A/B/C/D: 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T
Monitor function Measures and logs the LAN frames run between port A - B and port C - D.
Frame size: 60byte - 9Kbyte,
Time stamp (13 digit, minimum resolution: 40ns,)
Auto stop by external signal trigger
Recording Frame Max. 48,000 - 1,048,000 frames (equivalent to 100Mbyte)
Translation Translatable protocol: IPv4, ARP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, EtherCAT
File conversion Logged data can be converted into pcap format which is compatible with Wireshark
Filter function Monitoring of specified frames (such as MAC address, IP address etc.)
Delay time measurement function Measures the time lag between the receiving timings of specified ports in µs unit.
Statistic function TThis function keeps statistics of 2 kinds of frame counters by specified interval, and display it in a graph.
It is possible to display all the frame counter values in real time
PG function Outputs an arbitrary packet in the wire rate from the port A.
You can transmit up to 16 kinds of packets for the specified times or continuously.
A frame gap can be set for each packet.
Other functions PING function, Port Blink function, Recording into a CF card, Retrieval function
Accessories Interface expansion board, Line state sheet, LAN cable, Utility CD

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