Nov. 30, 2018

Guide on Updating the firmware of "LE-3500R/LE-2500R/LE-1500R"(Version 1.06)

Thank you for using LINEEYE products. LINEEYE has released the latest version of the software (ver1.06) for LE-3500R/LE-2500R/LE-1500R.

[ Update Information ]

  1. New function to transmit the measurement log file to a PC via Wi-Fi while measuring

    With the version-up, via Wi-Fi you can transmit the log files in the SD card or USB flash captured by the Auto-save function while long-time measurement to your PC. With the function you can check the data of the specified time (such as when any trouble occurred) by checking the time stamp of the log file.
    Also we have released the software (lefiledownload (Ver 1.02) to use this function for free.

    When you connect to the ana lyzer using the software, log files captured by the Auto-save function appear. By selecting the files to download and click [Download] you can easily transmit them to your PC.

  2. Extended the units of time stamp.

    The units of time stamp have been extended from three-digit to five-digit. By this extension, the time stamp never go around when you monitor for long time with the time stamp of high resolution.

    Old version
    Setting display

    Day/Hour/Minute/(DHM), Hour/Minute/Second(HMS), or Minute/Second/10msec(MS10m).
    Latest version
    Setting display

    Setting ON to EXTEND, you extend it to Year/Monte/Day/Hour/Minute/(YMDHM), Monte/Day/Hour/Minute/Second(MDHMS), or Day/Hour/Minute/Second/10msec(DHMS10m).
    3-digit timestamp example
    5-digit timestamp example

    The time stamp is extended also for PC link software.

    Note: LE-PC300R (V1.05 or later) is needed.
    5-digit time stamp consumes buffer memory 8byte per unit while 3-digit one consumes 4 byte.

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[ How to update the latest firmware ]

The firmware and softwares needed to update are available on LINEEYE website for free.

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