April. 4, 2019

New handheld data monitor / analyzer for CAN/LIN "LE-170SA" has been released.

LINEEYE Co., LTD. has released a new handheld data monitor / analyzer for CAN/LIN "LE-170SA" which have 4.3 inch color LCD touch screen.


[ Background and Outline ]

The market needed a compact low-cost line monitor for CAN/LIN communication which can work without PC. This time LINEEYE Co., LTD. has developed a handheld line monitor "LE-170SA" for CAN/LIN communication. LE-170SA can monitor and save the frames of CAN/LIN with high-resolution time stamp. It can monitor CAN communication up to 1Mbps without data loss. It also can monitor 4 external signal voltages and their logic when receiving the data. By the simulation function it can transmit the pre-registered data by hand. For LIN, master/slave selection is available. It has user-friendly color capacitive touch screen and works for 5 hours continuously with 2 AA-size NiMH batteries. They have monitor function and test-data transmission function. They can add high resolution time stamp and idle time and offer reliable time accuracy free of the PC ability. The light weight (300g including batteries) helps you for the field maintenance besides the system developments.

[ Features ]

  1. Stand-alone light-weight (about 300g) handheld CAN-LIN analyzer.
  2. Supports monitoring of CAN up to 1Mbps.
  3. Can monitor 4 external signal voltages (up to 52V) when receiving data or by specified interval.
  4. Equipped with an external trigger terminal which is useful for use with external measurement device such as an oscilloscope.
  5. Big capacity of the memory offers recording of up to 500K frames.
  6. Easy to see 4.3 inch TFT color display.
  7. Measured data and setting data can be saved to a USB flash.
  8. You can choose three way for the power supply - USB bus power, Ni-MH batteries, or AA alkaline batteries.


Interface CAN (ISO11898), LIN (ISO9141)
Protocol CAN, Device Net, LIN (Rev.1.1,1.2,1.3,2.0,2.1)
Memory 16Mbyte (500K frames), 2 divided use is available.
Speed (bps) CAN: 20Kbps to 1Mbps
LIN: 400bps to 26Kbps
Monitor CAN: Standard/Extended dormat are supported. Bit receiving timing can be specified.
LIN: Frame length can be specified (for each ID), Frame division by specified idle time is available.
Time stamp 9 digitsCresolution: hour:minute;second, minute:second:millisecond
Filter Can save the specified frame by combination of specified bit mask IDs.
Trigger function Can specify the trigger factor and action up to 4 for each.
Trigger factor Specified communication data (up to 8 characters), specified frame (CAN), frame error (LIN), timer/counter coincidence, external signal logic.
Trigger action Stop measurement (offset specify is available), timer/counter control, on/off of trigger condition, external signal output, CAN frame transmission (for simulation).
Simulation function Can transmit the pre-registered data in the table (transmission by specified interval is available). Master/slave simulation is available for LIN.
Send data 16 types
External signal Measurement of 4 signals. Range: 0 to 52V. Resolution: 12bit. Digital threshold: VIH 2.3Vmin. VIL 0.8Vmax.
Display 4.3 inch TFT color display (480x272dot)
Touch screen Capacitive touch screen
Power USB bus power 5V/500mA, two AA Ni-MH batteries, or two AA alkaline batteries
Dimension and Weight 158mmx100mmx31mm, 300g(with battery)
Accesories DSUB9 pin branch cabale (LE-009M2), 10 pin external In/Out cable (LE-10ES1), micro USB cable, 2 AA Ni-MH batteries, utility CD, carrying bag (LEB-02), quick start guide, warranty card

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